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Its time, your ready to do STF's

Your ready to do "The Cure"

Ok, this is not a hard mission to do.

You have a ship to protect, the IKS Kang, But she a very very tough ship and can take quite a pounding so at the beginning of the mission, do not concern your self with her.


You should take the borg cubes from left to right.. They are not equidistant from the Kang.

Wait for all team members to arrive please bfore moving from your start positions. The Borg yards will not start launching ships untill theyare triggered so wait for everyone. STF's are not the places for Ronald Regen's and Cowboys. Once everyone has arrived in the mission head for the right most cube. There two assimilated birds of prey will launch from that ship yard, kill them as you pass,

Position your self at a range under 5km from the cube to reduce attenuation due to range of your beams and cannons. and open up wit everything you have on JUST THE CUBE.. everyone fires at the cube. If the cube does not die quickly then its time to change tactics. Once the cube is dead, swing back to the kang clean up the assimilated ship and then co to cube two and do the same thing, after that cube three.

If you have saved the Kang before the timer has run out there is Bonus loot possible. Once the Kang has warped out an assimilated carrier shows up.. Take it out. Everyone gets thier own loot at the end, the bettert you did in the mission the sweeter the reward. You might even get a token for an engine upgrade. I got one for Mk XI engines myself and so can you!

STAY ALIVE.. if your dead when the Carrier dies you get NO loot.. I consider this a bit of a bug.. but thats how its set up.


If after 2 min the cube is not dead then one player should drop back and take out the assimilated birds of prey attacking the Kang while the remaining 4 players go to work on the Cube and taking out the Nannite probes. The shield will drop on the Nannite probe when ever damage to the cube drops below arounf 80% of its hall. There are nannite probe at the "lower" level that heal the probes directtly below the cube when the hit 80% the probes below will unshield and heal those above. ALL probes unshield AT THE SAME TIME. Position your self slightly below so you have both the sets of probes and the cube in your field of view. Try to be targetting the same probe as the rest of the team.. Damage upper probes then kill lower probes. Once a lower probe is dead the upper level probes become quite killable.

Once the first cube is dead the remaining ship yards launch assimlated Raptors.. take out the ones that have launched and then move to the second cube, rinse and repeat. After the Second cube is dead the remaining cube will launch a Negvar. Eye ball the Kang.. if the Kang is above 80% she can be easily left to her own devcices and the entire team can work on cube 2 and 3. The kang is only in danger of being destroyed if the assimilated Birds of prey from the frst stage get to spend to much time working on her.

Thats its, thats all thier is to it. Its a very simple mission with simple tactics. But it does require discepline on the part of the players.

Two special notes as of the current build. There is an issue with a Memeory leak involving game sound that MAY cause you as a player to have the game client crash. There is a work around. In the Audio setting for the game client reduce overall volume for the game to ZERO and this will stop the crashes. This does not work untill after you have set it to zero and then restarted the game AFTER doing so.

If the game client crashes while you are playing you can quickly restart the client and get back into the battle. DON"T GIVE UP... quitters get a repotation rather quickly and will rapidly find them selves being left out to dry by the other players.

LOOT: there is plenty of loot, if your at level cap relax. ROLL Greed on all items please. ROLL NEED ONLY ON BORG SALVAGE! And yes, yur reputation is on the line once again. As of this build rare borg salvage is only used for Mk X and MK XI weapons and nothing else. After about 120 mission you'll be banking the stuff because you have nothing more to sopend it on after kitting up your ship with weapons with the andto borg trait. If you going to go get your self a full sets of ground and space elite forces gear you will likely run this mission over 120 times or more. I've allready run it myself over 160 times. I have about 60 more runs left to do myself untill I have the full set of KDF Honor Guard ships gear. And yes, I intend to collect the entire Kelrun set also. SO can you! Patiernce grasshopper! You will have it all in time. But before that happens you'll be able to do tis mission in your sleep!

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10-17-2011, 03:13 PM
Quickest way to fail this is for one or two people to camp the middle of the map screwing around with the borg ships the entire time, instead of focusing on the cubes. There seems to be a dedicated cadre of hardcore elite noobs who insist on doing this every single run they're in, despite the fact that it guarantees a fail on the optional and a 30+ minute run just to finish.

Another annoying thing that happens quite often is a cube gets down to 0.5% HP, and suddenly two people decide to break off and go chasing after some raptors instead of finishing the cube off; meanwhile the cube slowly regens to 100% HP, and by the time the "Away Team" returns, another wave of raptors is about to spawn . . . lather, rinse, repeat. When you have begun attacking a cube, every team member must remain focused on the cube and its healers until it is dead, no matter what.

Generally you should ignore the ships until a cube dies. Pick a cube, kill the first wave coming out of it, kill the cube; THEN mop up any raptors and fighters that are on the map; then move immediately to the next cube. This is the way you keep ahead of the spawns and finish the objectives in the time allowed. Since you need all available DPS to kill the cubes quickly enough, having even one person screwing around camping the Kang will guarantee the instance goes much longer than it needs to, and will usually guarantee a fail on the optional.

Right now the instance is easy enough that if everyone actually focuses one cube at a time, you can be guaranteed to finish it every single time in under 5 minutes, regardless of DPS available. Obviously it probably isn't going to stay quite that quick, but even if it gets ramped up again, the key will always be quickly reducing the spawn points so that the team can get ahead of them and not get overwhelmed. Kill the things that make more things FIRST, then kill the other things.
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# 3
10-20-2011, 09:14 AM
-bumpity bump-
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02-08-2012, 11:14 AM
Heezdedjim Career Officer

he got it in 1 hope every1 bloody reads what u said
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02-08-2012, 02:05 PM
A few corrections, unless their was a ninga change that I'm unaware of.
First you dont need to atack the cube to bring down the nanite probs, just simply work bottom up.
Second this tactic only works on normal to do elite you are better to bring down all cubs at once, asign one person who has high dps to do spot checks on cubs you've left behind, when you get to the last cube and have it down to low hp low 10s. The two people who are on cube duty at this point popthe cubes. Doing it this way you only ever have to deal with birds of pray or at the most raptors.
Usualy a good tac escort player can keep the kang a live, i pull kang duty regulary.
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02-12-2012, 07:36 AM
Is there a break down of how the variuos drops can be spent? I have some things that make no sense to me and none of the NPCs on DS9 seem to offer anything for them.
For instance what does the Veteran requisitions buy you?
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02-13-2012, 07:20 AM
You forgot to mention the rainbow warriors , Its amazing how many of them exist, And then moan in Stf's about the lack of damage etc. (its just not funny when on my tac i can take down 1 side in the time it takes 4 rainbows)

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