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02-13-2012, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by bmr1580 View Post
Hey hey, I'm more than willing to help out this program if need be. I'm an experienced Sci/Sci, who feels that the game needs more good competition.
hit me up in game and we'll work something out.

Originally Posted by bigduckie
I've been practicing tac/tac bop as of late but I'd be more than willing to pull Resurrection Drone out of her alcove for a good teacher.

If accepted I may need to buy a respec token as last I recall I respecced just to train a skill for some one.

I will admit though. I havent flown her in forever because I dont particularily like fed pugs and I only FvK.
hit me up in game and we'll get started asap.

Originally Posted by Naevius
I'd sign up. What I'd also like to see would be a post like the one Zorena did on an escort build, combined with some discussion of tactics.

I've found sci/sci to be particularly tricky to do right.
ill read his thread then and see what he did and make my own. also sign up to teach or be taught?

Originally Posted by mvs5191 View Post
I'll sign up!

I need to find out how you and Era never die in your Scis and Cruisers >.<
hit me up in game then dude. ill lay out what im doing for ya.

Originally Posted by Roach View Post
Can I advertise this on the KDF Assistance chat channel?
im not very handy in a klingon ship but feel free to point them this way.

i can not stress enough for those who want me to help message me ingame via mail or pm. itll make things a lot easier for me. also if you could include what sci ship and loadout you would like to do would be a big help too.

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