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# 1 The Baseball
02-13-2012, 03:08 PM
NX-97200, U.S.S. King George V
Bajor High Orbit.

"Officer on Deck! " "As you were people" ordered the commander as he took his command chair. "Report"
More ships reporting in every few moments sir. Admiral D'vek currently has the flag aboard the USS Odyssey. The delagates have transfered to his command, and the Captain Cook is in confrence with the rest of the Omega Task Force Captains. The Admiral has tasked several Science ships to SWAC dutywith a healthy escort of KDF Birds of Prey and Feaderation Escorts class ships. The KDF Raptors and Battlecruisers are forming task groups on the fly with federation cruisers as they assemble. The Helms man turned in his chair.. Hell of a sight sir You have the Com. Commander Doll nodded sharply Affirmative and thank you Exec has the con.

Computer, begine ship wide announcement. Ready for ship wide announce ment, you may proceed Commander Doll. Commander leaned back in his chair. This is the Exec. The Capatain is away at the moment but should e rejoining the ship shortly. She asked me to express to the crew of the Odyssey Class Cruiser NX-97200 USS King George V a hearty well done And asked me to note in the ships log the King George is to consider her ship trials concluded. The King George will retain its NX designation due to the expermental and somewhat contraversial weapons and systems load out she carriers. I have been informed by Starfleet Command the the King George is hearby designated a Fast Battleship. The fleet is still assembling, but the Omega Task Force will retain the Flag under Admiral D'vek by order of the Klingon High Council, and Starfleet Command.

A cheer broke out on the bridge at that announcement, and knowing this crew through out the ship. Commander Doll cracked a smile for a moment. Settle down people. This is our latest intellegence. The Dominion fleet has been tentitivly identified as a quite possible the Dominion reinforcement fleet that dissapeared during the dominion war just before the retaking of Deep Space 9 by forces under the command of Benjamin Sisko. At this point this is mostly an educated guess. But initial sensor date that ourselves and other ships brought back have noted 100% match with known warp signitures of vessles that were part of that missing Dominion fleet.

The Capatin has othorized me to stand the ship down to yellow alert. Set ship condition 2. Third watch is hear by ordered from battle station and ordered to get some sack time. Remaining crew may rotate by secton to get some hot food in them. I'll want repair reports from all department heads within the half hour. Well done Georges get some rest. Oh and one other thing. We will be going back to Deep space 9. Its seems that the baseball was left in the command office in Ops, and we simply cannot allow such a historically significant artifact to remain under Dominiion contry. This is exec, Out!.

The cpmmander leaned bacck in the Exec chair. Thoughts people? The weapons officers turned. The Baseball got left? Really? Doll noodded with a wry smile. Be didn't get much aof a chance to claim it before we left. Commander Andrews had ops at the time. Niether her nor her remaining ops crew got away. They are either dead or captued at this tie. Chatter continued around the bridge for some time as the crew finishedd thier post battle duties.

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