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# 1 Space STF Elite Guide
02-09-2012, 01:12 PM
Since i havent seen any guide and everybody is just complaining about the new players ruining everything here is a quick guide to the STFs.

Cure Space:

1. One player has to stay with the Kang.
2. Destroy the probes fro bottom to top.
3. Leave the cubes alive, just shoot them down to 10% (reason: this way only Bop will keep spawning, makes it easier to defend the Kang!)
4. Doing this with all 3 cubes saves you alot of work and time, destroy all cubes at the end.
5. Take out the carrier

Infected Space:

1. Destroy the cube and the 2 spheres, then go on to the generators.
2. Start left or right, most start wth the left ones, destroy the cube first!! Then shoot the generators down to 10% then destroy them all at once. Leave the spawning spheres alone.
3. After destroying the generators, all focus on the transformer!
4. Now you destroy all the spheres, focus fire on 1 target, that way it goes faster!
5. Repeat 3 on the other side
6. Destroy gate then the Cube.

Khitomer Space:

1. Destroy cube
2. One stays at a gate and destroys the spawning probes.
3. The other four go to the other gate and start destroying the generators at one transformer while one takes care of the probes.
4. After destroying the first two generators a cube spawns. Two start attacking the cube while one takes out the remaining two generators and after that, he supports the other two destroying the cube. After the cube is done, destroy the transformer.
5. Repeat this on the other side of the gate.
6. Do not destroy the gate, leave it at 10%
7. One stays at this gate now, destroying the probes, while the others move to the other gate doing as described above.
8. When all done, start shooting the second gate, at around 10% tell the man at the other gate to destroy it.
9. Take out the assimilated Scimitar.

Thats it pretty much, if i missed something plz feel free to add it.
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02-09-2012, 01:19 PM
Nice summary.

Originally Posted by papragu
Since i havent seen any guide ...
There is one here:
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# 3
02-10-2012, 04:44 PM
I'm going to be spamming this in zone chat for now on. thx
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02-13-2012, 04:49 PM
in Khitomer one or 2 have to stay on probes in case noob goes after other gate
which starts probes
Infected soon an as you start on second gate more probes come out and they do not go towards you they go towards team at first gen and it is not fun 1 gate at time forget optional at this time

going back to Khitomer space it is not fun being on probe watch someone has to do it
soon as 10 go through it is over

tip on Boff's get 2 with spread one and 2
and get borg duty officer put him in space much faster recharge time way fast recharge on tric's

load up on blue or purple doff's put them in space they give you buffs
like faster torpeadoe recharge faster tractor beam extra gravity well

on ground
use a nurese the beam down and heal you
armory so on

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