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This is what worked for me. I have 3 computers and a Wii. My set up was as follows. Comp 1 hardwired the other 2 on wifi cards plus the Wii is wifi as well. I disconnected my hardwired comp and made it wifi, centralized my wifi unit abit more. Since I made these few minor changes my sons and I palyed all day Sunday and Monday with out problems, except for a couple server not responding flashes up on my screen. 3 to be exact since Sunday but no d/c's and they lasted 10 - 15 secs.
I run a D-link DGL-4500 with Dlink wifi cards my comps are of similar spec: AMD 64 Athlon x2. 4 gigs of DDR3 ram and an Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti with 2gigs onboard DDR 5 ram. I have more then enough comp to run this game flawless.
Now with that being said I was dealing with the same horrid login problems and unplayable game since I started this game Jan 29th 2012. Tried everything I know how to do leaving no stone unturned. From port forwarding, firewall turned off, ping testing, using the proxy settings ect,ect. Hell I leveld 7 levels on just DOFF's alone trust me I was not a happy camper, since my login time would only last long enough to send them out. Im just like any gamer Iíve played many MMo's from beta to launch. This has been the ONLY game that Iíve had these issues of this nature and unplayability.
Myself, both my sons and I could be gamming on any other MMO and my daughter running Netflix at the same time with out any issues, and have for years. Until we or 1 of us were on STO. So these problems ONLY have existed for me on STO. After spending countless hours pouring over threads with the same topics, seen no adequate response from the devs since launch date I was ready to throw in the towel. Leaving a sour taste in my mouth for this game/company.
Now that I have seemed to resolve my issue. Im going to give it a go again. Im not bashing Crypic im just stating my experiance. I have no problem supporting a game I play. P2P or F2P as long as my experience is more then stressing on my connection. I do like STO and hope it stays around. I hope this helps others out there having the same issues. If you read through the whole thing thanks for your time.

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