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# 1 Pet Interface Suggestion
02-14-2012, 04:07 PM
I'd like to suggest an interface of some sort that indicates how many of what types of pets you have active. For example, Carriers could show how many active of each hangar pet, MVAM could show how many pieces you have left that havent been blown up.

I know I, for example, have to frequently look around and try to pick out my MVAM pieces from the rest of the combat in, say, stf's, and it takes time and they are easily missed, especially if you are running with a carrier in the group. I'm not concerned about controlling them, as the interface that is currently in for the carrier pets is quite enough for my needs, just a simple display showing what we've got active, so I can, for example, manage my hangar cooldowns when flying a carrier on the kdf side without having to try and count whats flying about in the air.


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