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Can we get an option to move all non-in-world powers down to the shield/hull indicator?

EG when I fire engineering team the icon shows as a little circle graphic on that element of the UI, not on top of the ship.
Ditto for things like brace for impact, the other team powers, rotate shield frequency/reverse shield polarity/transfer shield strength.

Any power that, unlike hazard emitters or eject warp plasma, doesn't have a good reason to visually appear in the world should be banish-able to the UI with an option button.

I'd do just about anything to have this stuff off the main part of my screen while fighting.
I feel like I'm flying a green pink purple and red blob most of the time, not a ship.

It doesn't help me at all to see this stuff on my ship or any other ship, and seeing the active powers on the target indicator would be more than enough for me rather than having to see everyone else fly ugly blobs.

It isn't quite as bad on the ground, but its close and it would help if the visuals got a pass to remove UI-ish elements (that aren't already part of holographic LCARS)
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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02-15-2012, 05:59 PM
Yeah, I agree that some of the power FX visuals can take away the aesthetic beauty of the game. It'd be nice to just have a "Disable UI Visual FX" option or something like that. I know that the reason for all those FX visuals is for assisting with gameplay. I find them really helpful for PvP/PvE Combat, but when I want to take a screenshot or record for machinima purposes, it'd be nice to have them "turned off" to make them look realistic and canon-like to the shows. It should be something like disabling the Shield indicators in the option window.

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