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02-16-2012, 06:58 AM
Maintainence again?? It was only maintained last on Tuesday and before that was on Sunday.... I bought a subscription for a month and so far there has been more downtime than uptime... How do I request/demand a refund?? These "scheduled maintainences" that are only listed on the forum a couple of hours before they happen (which is not really scheduled btw) are always on the times where I have 2 hours to play the game... I get an hour of gameplay and then an hour of downtime, then back to work... Why can't you "schedule" them for early hours of the morning when there are less players online? Annoying to say the least... I beta tested this game, found that my computer couldn't play the game and so stopped... I came back to it a few days ago to find 3 "scheduled maintainences" in less than a week... unacceptable... give us more notice...

And while I am on the subject of unhappiness... It says on the website that Gold Members dilithium should refine automatically when they log on... well mine doesn't, I am still having to refine it manually...

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