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First, I tried to search for this but wasn't able to find anything (either the search function doesn't really do very well in giving results or I suck at searching). I finally got the Aegis set and had to discard my covariant mk xii purple to do it. I was expecting a huge boost to shield capacity with what the set gives (and considering I had over 10k with the covariant I was running) only to find that I am now sitting at just over 6k capacity. I am running an Odyssey. This is very confusing since the base shield capacity is over 7k and at the very least should be getting that (if I didn't have skills in shield generators etc pretty much maxed). I was expecting to see something like 12k or so not half that and certainly not less than the base. I do like the stacking of the resistance and feel the shields are something of a step up from the previous ones I had but I'm wondering if this is a bug or not.
The second, I've seen some pretty cool looking photos of in game builds online and I am wondering how you go about getting those. Is there a way to turn off the hud just for that or an option I am missing?
Any help in either of these would be greatly appreciated.

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