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# 1 Odyssey, a bit squishy?
02-17-2012, 04:56 PM
I've been flying my Odyssey (and my Bortas). I'm having issues with both and dying where I should not be dying.

First a bit of background: I've been playing since the open Beta. I have successful cruiser captains, on both sides. So I know what I'm doing in that regard, or at least I should.

Yet both the flagships are exploding alarmingly quickly in PVE!

My Odyssey should be a brick like wonder. I recently re-fitted it with:
A Full set of Aegis.
25% resist consoles against all forms of energy.
In the science console slots I've got the Borg console, and both shield consoles.
Power is set up to run at 100 for both shields and weapons.

This should be a fairly robust build able to soak a huge amount of incoming. and its doing several times better than the previous outfitting. However its still squishy, I mean hell I died in Salvage Dispute earlier. It just feels like my Excelsior retrofit, or my Marauder cruisers are tougher.

So has anyone else experienced this? Or have any incites into what I'm doing wrong?

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