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02-17-2012, 04:46 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
We treated those and the flagships the same--they were both available via consoles in the shipyards, not via claiming for free in the c-store.

(As Leviathan pointed out. Thanks!)
What I said still stands. They are still C-Store ships; I know they were in consoles, but they were C-Store ships being given to Tribble players to test, which is the direction that BlackWyvern and Leviathan were trying to take the conversation prior to my reply.

Testing C-Store items in Tribble was something I had wanted for a long time (especially after the awful "Voyager" bridges where the crew refused to sit in the seats) so that proper testing could be done on items for which people had to pay extra money to receive. I was especially glad to see that some of the items were being allowed to test, but disappointed that others (like the bridges) were not. (And I did test then buy some of the C-Store ships).

I hope that C-Store items continue to be added to the consoles in Tribble for players to test, so that maybe they can catch bugs like the Guramba's buggy Aegis shield gfx (since fixed) and the "Voyager" bridges where the crew would not sit in the seats.

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