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02-18-2012, 08:19 AM
]i dont see the logic in not exploiting the storyline to the chaos the rommies provide, it is perfect to add the rommies,

so many things that a player can do on behalf of the romulan senate, sela, other major players working in the shadows as emissaries for a higher power, so on.

I counter that statement with Detapa Council vs. Military Regime, Dominion invasions, Breen contact, Border defense vs new species, more exploration (75% of Romulan's border is with Federation and KDF), worm hole, the adversity between Cardassians and Bajor or even the entire Alpha Quadrant. Let me be clear, this is not an attempt to undermind the Romulan's right to their own faction...popularity amongst the fan/player base should dictate that.

probably as they may have no intention of the cardassian playable, besides this, the cardassians are only left with a handful of ships and planets as stipulated in their agreement with the feds during the last war.

Do you mean the same agreement the Federation failed to upkeep with the Alpha Jem Hadars invading Devos 2?

Why would anyone want to become a terrorist in the true way? Terrorists??!! prove it, they defend a space from everyone but mainly in and near Cardassian space. I went through one mission that had a sole ship out near Klingon space, but there were also those time traveling dudes on there...noone can prove when they arrived, who brought the ship to that sector, or what the intent was. Just another Federation attitude that different means terrorist.

or a drone for the jem'hadar, the feds and KDF would shoot them down as fast as it took for someone to blink

And Cardassian fans would fight with honor and possibly die with honor no matter the odds.

virtually the entire alpha quadrant dont want anything to do with them and it would also mean expanding masssively on the gamma quadrant

Not exactly true, there is a large area of the alpha quadrant on the other side of Cardassian space which is unexplored. The Federation has not crossed past Cardassia or Breen borders.

and its not likely the feds or KDF would have the option to travel out this direction and vice versa.

That's possible, noone has looked in that direction whether it is television, comics, or games. BUT, it is unexplored country which could be developed long term. Remember STO is still relatively new other games with larger areas have been around for years.

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