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02-18-2012, 10:44 AM
Finally made Lt. General, thinking oh yes Bortas, this is going to be epic....

Boy was I wrong, back to the refit I go, a real B.C.
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02-18-2012, 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by Crimsonoa View Post
My Bacon build:
Tac capt

8 beams
Epts,rsp,Dem2 Sif3.

Tt1, faw2,faw3

Tss1, tbr

I plinker with
TT1, CrF1, Bfaw3
TT1, Apb1
Epts1, Rsp1 Dem2 A2S3
ST1, HE2

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02-18-2012, 12:42 PM
Bwa ha new sig for me!

Thx Roach!
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02-18-2012, 04:41 PM
I somewhat made myself wrong when I played a LOT with the bortas I've pretty much made it usable for tacticals and engineers now but science officer is pointless because you may as well being using a vo'quv at this point in trying to make setups. Anyways using the LC for tactical and using 2 DBB's and 6 single beam arrays which i used AP for them on the tactical and disruptor for the engineer. I pretty much for tactical used 2x tact team I, 2x attack pattern delta I, and FAW3, then for engineering i used emr to engines I, engineering team I, emr to shields 2 and 3, and reverse pol 3, then for sci I used haz emitters 1 and 2. For the sets I use borg console, retro deflector and engines, and an honor guard shield. 4 AP consoles, tetraburnum (or however its spelled its +26 vs plasma, polaron, AP, tetryon, 35% shield mod, EPS console and then subspace jumper and theta radation vent console. Pretty much for tactical this setup gave it the defense and healing it needed, pretty much I get better dps than I would in a negh var with cannons and the emr to engines, evasive, and subspace jumper give it the needed manuevaring for stf's I need and the theta as a safety net to slow down/crowd control. Engineer has multiple applications to make it work but that tactical setup works pretty decent and in these FE's most jem hadar ships only last a few seconds before they explode and I just run though them like they arent even there. Not to mention I've noticed tractor beams have almost no affect against the bortas.

Now that I have a decent setup I could probally justify the purchasing of consoles the main thing issue though would be is I'd have to lose either 2 tactical consoles with this setup for the tact or either the shield modifier and one tactical if i were to use those new consoles. The defense console I have and the EPS as well as majority of the tactical ones are not ones that you could part with and still have it functional.

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