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Well, it seems that the sound issues associated with the 7.1 surround issues were solved for the promenade of DS9, I am now able to tolerate that zone but....

They are in the new Bajor Social Zone centered around the holodeck now. In addition, once I picked up the sound problem it did not go away no matter where I went after that...I had the hypnotoad theough the remainder of the FE, it moved with me to Bajor Space, then to sector space. The only way to get rid of it was to log out then back in.

Did you guys get yourself a 7.1 headset (i.e.Logitech G35) yet and check out the issues that were on DS9? If so, why did you not check out the new social area? Is this going to be a persistant issue now with the remainder of the FE missions on all the new maps?

Affected headsets:
Logitech G930 - 7.1
Logitech G35 - 7.1

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