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Before I begin, my apologies if this is the wrong place for this post. My suggestion is this: it would add a great deal of depth and involvement to the experience of STO if it were possible to talk to one's Bridge Officers. We know from all the series that the relationships between the characters aboard ship are some of the most important things in the Star Trek experience, and yet these officers, with whom we are expected to fight and die, have really very shallow relationships with their captain.
I certainly don't have in mind a massive voice acting undertaking, or anything on the scale of Bioware's RPG characters, but some simple text conversations, perhaps each progessing from the one before. Perhaps the current system of dialogue options, or perhaps even that venerable system of chatbots providing automated dialogue. It needn't be terrifically complex or consistent but even such a small effort to provide interactivity would make the whole experience seem a whole lot more real. At the moment the Bridge Officers might as well be robots for all the humanity they have. The customization system is brilliant for the appearances: then we spend so much love and work on creating a statue that we can't really interact with. I love the current BOff system, and this small addition could instantly make it twice as immersive, and twice as Star Trek. I do hope this wouldn't take massive effort, and that it's something the developers will consider.

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