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I should note that I absolutely LOVED this episode and felt it was a vast improvement over "Second Wave" (which I enjoyed in spite of the bugs).

There were some immersion-breaking issues here, but nothing that ruined the overall experience or broke objectives. I have the feeling some of these are just engine limitations. Here's what I came across while playing solo:

- A long delay between the medical tricorder animation and the actual sound when using it on wounder officers for the infirmary Science mission

- Speaking of that sidequest, why do the officers beam away as soon as I get them to the infirmary? I could see there being an issue of not being able to have several of them in the same spot, but could there at least be a proximity trigger of some kind so that the officers wait until I round the corner before disappearing (as opposed to claiming they're going to the infirmary and teleporting as I'm looking straight at them!)

- Kurland, who was nowhere to be seen prior, magically appears when you contact the Dominion. He doesn't beam in, he just spawns in the cutscene. Jarring!

- Loads of pop-in and seeing the black space background during the conversation with Loris. Sometimes the strategically-placed fades to black covered this up; sometimes Kurland floated and Loris was missing her face.

- One of the Bajoran civilians--the mother sitting on a bench during her break--randomly teleports away and reappears on the same bench. Que?

- For the section when the player fiddles with a radio to contact ____, there are two different objectives given: Make contact with DS9 and intercept a Dominion transmission. Were these meant to be a single "choice" objective, where the player must fulfill either one or the other? I actually came across a Jem'Hadar, but received no credit (which I assumed was because I had to hear one in the middle of a convo, not directly contact one). When I reached DS9, I got credit for the objective and was not allowed to use the transmitter any longer. What?

- For goodness sake, I would have preferred that lady quest-giver not have any VO at all than to say "I'm here to help" EVERY time I clicked a dialogue option.

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