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Okay Cryptic! ENOUGH! you need to sort this and you need to sort this now! There is a stupid amount of posts complaining about how we endure hours and hours of doing these STF with no worthy reward at the end, at least with the old ones, you spend hours doing them but you were guaranteed something at the end worth bragging about. But now? your lucky to get salavge!

Yeah I know you get EDC, Woop te do! that im sorry is nothing now, its doesnt get you MK12 gear which most people strive for and you know this! what the hell are you playing at! its so simple! people complain, you fix it! simple! I have done over 750 STFs over half on ground elite and NONE, I repeat, NONE of them have dropped ONE piece of prototype ground tech and only 5 pieces of prototype salvage. This is not acceptable and im not the only one! Im sick and tired of being constantly disappointed with these STFs and getting nothing at the end.

You need to seriously increase the drop rate on prototype borg salvage and protoype space and ground tech. I have worked out the drop rate must be no more than 0.5% which is a utter joke! everywhere I go people are complaining about the drop rate and never see any PROPER fixes from you and that any real difference, OH yes! sorry, I do see stuff! more things to line your pockets with money, i mean the lock boxes drop almost every sinlge drop you get now! and you know what? people pass on them! they are sick of them! stop trying to cokes us into spending money and acutally focus your attention on what the community really wants.

And if you do increase it you need to tell us what the drop rate is, keeping cloak and dagger only winds people up and stop playing them.

Granted I do see pataches saying "increased drop rate" and "reduced difficulty" but my own personal opinion this is a total lie, all I think all you've done is just change the number shown so IT LOOKS LIKE you have lowered it, I see no change in difficulty, so wise up! we arent stupid! we plays hundreds of these remember and its time to give the community what it wants!

INCREASE THE DROP RATE! and not by 0.001%, thats not a increase thats a insult! you need to increase it by least 20% so everyone has at least a 20% chance of getting something.

Please read this and take this seriously! We are not happy! not happy at all.

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