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I love Bajor. It's an amazing social zone. But it lacks things to do there. This is largely because there's no real reason to be on the planet's surface. If there were some more merchant types it would really liven the place up.

1. Consumable vendors - I don't see why they weren't put in. There would probably be a merchant selling Hypos some where on the planet surface. Just replace one of the food vendors with one.

2. Have the M.A.C.O./Honor Guard/Omega Force shop have a makeshift booth in the plaza - The Bajorans are getting all angry about the Federation and KDF being on the planet surface and having this shop have some hastily put together HQ in the middle of the plaza would be fitting for the story. I mean they had to evacuate DS9 too, and it gives players another place to turn in ECDs and Salavage. Not to mention you could have MACOs and Omega Force personnel holding back a mob of angry bajorans for a little touch of atmosphere.

3. Commodity Brokers, Gamma Quadrant Style - It's still difficult to get some of the new commodities, so have them only be purchasable from a commodity broker on Bajor! It gives the zone a unique reason to go there. You can't replicate those commodities AND it makes you go to Bajor on occasion.

4. Space Consumables Junk Shop - the makeshift barricades at the north and south side of the map really remind me of a junk shop. Take some of those models and make a small section where a guy sells space consumables like Minor Components.

5. Ferengi "exotic" Merchandise - Have a ferengi merchant somewhere on the planet that sells exotic consumables like Romulan Ale or Bloodwine. Put him in an alley somewhere so that it feels like some low-life scum's shop.

6. Tailor - I have no idea why there isn't one on Bajor. A tailor would really liven up the place more, be lore friendly and be player friendly.

Notice that most of those shops are on DS9 and most Starbases. There isn't a reason for them to not be on Bajor at all. Especially the tailor and consumables guys. It wouldn't even be that long of a change. Maybe what, an hour or two of programming for 4/5s of the guys I mentioned?

I bring this up because without more options, the Bajor zone will become forgotten and this will breathe longevity into it.

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