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02-19-2012, 03:00 PM
I say kind of...
Well, I tried this game around Dec '10-Jan '11 and I didn't really get into it, to make a long story short.
Downloaded STO again after it went F2P and I was, shall we say, impressed. Everything seems to have been improved massively- either Cryptic are awesome or I have somehow matured over the past year.
I'm currently at level 25 Commander with my Federation character, James Barrett of the U.S.S. Browning (Heavy Cruiser) and I'll probably be staying silver for the forseeable future although I did buy the '60s Constitution and Liberated Borg Bridge Officer not long after I got back in.
As for me personally, I've been a PC gamer since around October '09, when I finally got a PC that could run Team Fortress 2 (My Steam will be in my sig at some point). Since then, I became the proud owner of a 700 rig (specs coming later). I'm a fan of European power metal, especially Blind Guardian. Shameless brony and military history nerd (all my ships have been named after gun designers- Nagant, Kalashnikov, Browning, etc).
I'm interested in joining a roleplay group- any suggestions?

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