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Second Wave
To begin this mission goes to Deep Space 9 where a meeting is being held to discuss the Borg threat.


When you beam on the station you'll get a message saying that Commander Andrews wants to speak with you in Ops, so click on the option to begin the mission. After the map loads, take the turbolift to Ops. Commander Andrews is in the center of the room so speak with her. When you are done you'll need to find the other conference attendees so go back to the promenade. Use your map as well as the map in this guide to find the four attendees. Speak with each one to get some more information. They each have an optional mission as well. If you do not wish to do them then skip the following section?
Captain Shon and S'taass Optional Mission

If you decide to help Captain Shon (Starfleet officers) or S'taass (KDF officers) you'll get some Duty Officer assignments for the optional mission. When they are complete you will be contacted. Ambassador Surah Optional Mission

Ambassador Suarh (who is in Quarks) would like help to gain access to a holosuit. If you decide to do this speak with Hadron by the exit to Quarks. He will tell you that there are no available holosuites. Speak with all three bar patrons. The third will always be Zar. He will trade his reservation time if you can help him sell his self-sealing stem bolts.

Go to the Ship Yard and speak with Captain Shon. He will agree to purchase the stem bolts. Return to Quarks and speak with Zar again who will give up his holosuite reservations.

Talk to Hadron and tell him that Zar is willing to give you his reservation. He'll want to charge you a transfer fee. If you choose not to pay him then you can talk him down to 100 GPL (gold-pressed latinum). If you don't have it you'll need to play at the dabo table.

Return to Ambassador Suarh
and tell him that you got him a reservation. Ambassador Skyl Optional Mission

Ambassador Skyl would like your help in obtaining Bajoran-distilled kanar. Speak with people on the promenade (use your map to find them) until you obtain the kanar. After you get it return to Skyl and give it to him.
After you have spoken to the four Attendees, Commander Andrews will contact you. Admiral Trem, the conference speaker, is not responding to hails and you must look for him. Go to the Bajoran Temple and you will find him there, so speak with him. Now take a turbolift to the conference room.

In the conference room sit in one of the chairs by double clicking on it. After a brief cut science you'll need to convince the attendees to join the fight. Click on each option to speak with the various people. If you can choose a diplomatic option while speaking to them then do so. Either way the story will continue normally.

Once you have spoken to all of them a Dominion fleet will come through the worm hole. You'll need to escape Deep Space 9 now with the delegates. Leave the conference room and head to the shipyard. Engineering captains can free a trapped security officer. Science captains can heal a security officer. Tactical captains can take the weapon of a security officer. All of these are near your entrance point of the promenade.

As you make your way to the shipyard you'll have to deal with Jem'Hadar. Once in the shipyard, defeat all the Jem'Hadar. Use the nearby docking ring to get the attendees to your ship.

Around DS9 you'll first need to destroy the attack ships. Then you'll need to assist four Starfleet vessels who are clearing a path for escpaing ships. Use your map to see where the next ship is to help. After that there will be a brief cut scene and then you can warp to Bajor.
Congratulations! Mission Complete. Contact Commander Mesi Achebe.
Skill Points
Bridge Officer Skill Points
Nanoenergy Cell - Kinetic Capacitor
Nanoenergy Cell - Tachyon Rider
Nanoenergy Cell - Anti-Coagulant
One of the following
Jem'Hadar Polaron Beam Pistol
Jem'Hadar Polaron Full Auto Rifle
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Thanks for posting this. Could you edit it to put some spaces between each section? It's a bit if a blur to read.

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