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Hi all, first off i am not writing this in an attempt to flame anyone or the game as a whole but there are a few things i wanted to bring up.
So.. i started playing STO way back when is launched. I played for a short few months then quit, why? well back then i really didnt think the content was worth the sub each month considering the other enjoyable titles that were about (my opinion only). I have been back since it went F2P and find now it has alot more content (ok that was bound to happen over time anyway). I enjoy the game, i like where its fact i also have STWOR which i sub too and have found i am spending more playtime on STO, so well done guys you have my attention!...and yes i have been using c-store as well.

C-Store and the moans about master keys. I get a little frustrated with comments regarding 'the scam' or the other negs. about it. Its simple, for people to work on the game they need to earn the money for wages and upkeep or one day some guy will switch off the server and the lights for the last time, the lockboxes and masterkeys is a brilliant idea! its marketing and judging by the amount of "galor" winners i would say its marketing that works (we see the 'galor' winner but we dont see how many keys they bought to get it!)..BUT and HOWEVER...guys c'mon, i agree with the masses the gold boxes do contain alot of crap compared with standard ones...i too got EXP bonus which i cant use (traded). Again..this is MY opinion.

Next up.... As a returning player i found myself on google lots getting info for ship setups and general gameplay. I hit 50 and got into the STF's just like everyone else..and died LOTS!. (normal STF). My ship sucked, i sucked, my DPS sucked, so i got onto google and read..and read..and read, i read forums, i read guides, i read!. A huge and massive thanks to everyone and anyone that has taken their time to post help or guides for many different subjects. I went through game as a Tactical flying science ships, at 40 i switched to crusier after trying an escort..i found escort was not enjoyable FOR ME to play, then at 50 took to the oddy and despite the amount of NEGS i read about oddy i think its an awesome ship. I like the beam boats fighting broadside (becasue of ailments i do not have the ability to move very fast on the keyboard and have to rely mainly on mouse click so a cruiser broadside seem''d better for my gameplay)...anyways like i say i read up and got the same conclusion from many many different sites and forums which is end game it does not matter what ship you level up in, it doesnt matter what your gameplay is..when your in STF all that matters is DPS from escorts. Yes many of you fly other ships but the advisory is fly escort. You know what..i did just that, i got a fleet escort, retrained all my BO's and learnt how to fly it, i fitted it out following guides for consoles etc and its the best thing i could have done..i do struggle using a mouse but i tell you what i still do pretty well in it (compared to other's i have seen in STf..i am not flaming them for their gameplay, just saying i am not the worst!). My DPS is good, i survive better than i did in a cruiser thanks to following guides etc and my game is fun...BUT here is my moan..all info points to same conclusion in that in a normal STF you dont need to tank and in an elite STF you cant tank, so puttuing cruisers out of play, and i agree after playing both cruiser and now escort, the escort gets the job done 3 times faster due to its massive dps, i DO like cruiser (and science) and i do enjoy game with them, but in STF it seems as long as you have massive amounts of DPS from escort, the job is done and the bonus is in the pocket.
Here is my solution!! you might think i am stupid, you might want to flame me, some of you might not even read this part as you have jumped into a raged reply at how 'your crusier' is what saves the STF, for those that have read it is!. We all know the BORG adapt to weapons and tactics, so we can agree that in an STF its fair to assume after losing 3 spheres/probes or whatever, they can adapt to counter huge burts of DPS attacks, so how about this...After a borg vessel takes a beating and its hull drops to say 25%, it adapts to the situation and pops hull/shield heals, maybe it could have a large type of RSP that heals it when DPS goes above a set value in bursts, or a type of hull heal that kicks in when DPS peaks..what i am getting at is give the borg an edge to counter the DPS from escorts, so cruisers and science ships are a needed item, my idea being use cruisers that can hit with a lower but more sustained DPS that dont trigger that MAX BURST DPS heal to get shields down then have the escorts blast as much burst DPS at the hull as possible (make it so the DPS has to be higher than 'amount X' to eat at the hull), also have spheres/cubes holding beams set above 10km or other abilites that will need a science ship to counter them to allow the escorts n cruisers do their jobs. I am not saying what i have stated is how it should be, i am just saying IF the only type of ship needed to complete an STF is escort (that is what most say to fly) then it would be nice to see a change that compliments the skills and work of other types of ship. Yes an answer would be to reduce weapon power on escort so it doesnt peak and trigger the heals till the shields are down..i just think a change would be nice so escort isnt the only reccommended ship for STF. I cant state enough that i am not saying YOU MUST use an escort, i am just saying (and agreeing with others) that its a shame any STF can be done using nothing but monster DPS. MY OPINION!!. Again..add something or do something so that JUST using monster DPS can be counter-productive.

Elite STF, I dont do them. I would LOVE to get into elites, i have all i can get weapon/shield from normal STF, i can read guides, i can communicate in game and i do, my problem comes from other players attitude towards them. I have been in a few elites and i have communicated in chat so that others know i am learning, i follow what the veteran elite players are saying and i have kept my own..BUT...ALOT of the guys in elites are real cry babies!!, they are rude, they think the game should be played as THEY see fit and there is a constant negative attitude around the whole elite stf subject. I will point out that nobody has ever been rude to me or flamed me..because i communicate and learn, but i have seen too much negativity towards others to bother getting into an elite to go through it all again. guys in elites SHOULD get frustrated as there are many players not willing and/or dont want to communicate that ruin it, but i have seen it time again where players are trying hard, make a mistake and told to stay away from elite's till they know what they are doing (i dont get that attitude of dont try till you know what your doing..but dont learn till you try). There are forums asking for ban's on people joining elites till they have done x amount of normal STF..then a page later others state there is no point running normal STF to learn how to do elite as the tactics are so different!. simple answer...add a mid level, the tactics and gameplay of an elite but with substantial reduction in terms of damage. Then make a rule...before you can join an elite you must complete x amount of mid level's first, which does not have the rewards of either normal or you do normal to gain weapons/shields etc ready for the elites then run a few mid level to learn the gameplay needed!. For those elite players that are not rude and do help others i apologise, and for those players who dont communicate enough or are not willing to learn from others..maybe you should stay away from elite STF, i dont wish to upset those who choose not to talk/learn and yes as some have stated 'its my game i play as i like and if i dont want to talk in chat its my right', yep your right it is your game etc, but there has to be an understanding that not doing so will ruin your chances of completing elites and getting the rewards just as much as everyone else in that elite with you. Nobody should be made to do anything they dont want, its a game to be enjoyed by all...but a little thought doesnt hurt either. I dont like being TOLD how to run my game, i think its arrogant of people to think they are better than others, considering my disadvantage i will never be a 'top' player, but i am a gamer just like everyone else, that wants to enjoy a game. I have tried to judge this subject from all points and i do hope for some good feedback as to your thoughts into my comments, but please dont bother with statements of 'noob' etc, its just plain dumb!. I am not now nor never will be the greatest STO player, i know what i know from playing and from forums, i get things wrong and i learn. Thats life my friends. If anything i have said offends people or is considered pathetic then I have stated enough times its MY OPINION and MY THOUGHTS regarding STF play etc, your feedback and comments is what i will learn from and give me food for thought. Thanks for reading what was supposed to be a short post!!..and just to note, what i stated about the borg in STF adapting, i did not intend that as 'my idea' will work, i was just giving an example of an idea that 'could' work and introduce the concept of pure DPS is not the only way to get things done, after all in TNG, one cube could take all the DPS that was thrown at it..untill it was told to goto bed and sleep! (a science ability?).

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