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Star Trek Online - Scenarios - Star Fleet Academy Holodecks ONLY

Maybe what Star Fleet Academy Holodecks need is a little Kobayashi Maru scenario.
These are not missions or episodes, they are scenarios that you and your friends run and complete all on one ship. Each person selects what position they want and takes there stations. The Captain and First Officer help there crew to work as a team in order to complete the scenario successfully. The more you do your job, the better the scenario is….

Use your Duty Officers: All Off ship duties will be done with duty officers, and certain ship maintenance and repairs. While your in battle, you can use your duty officers to repair bulkheads, EPS replays, or call for additional Security, etc…

Every Console and profession needed: Every member gets a different console depending on the stations purpose and the type of officer you are. Example: If the Conn/Navigation Officer ran a SCAN they would only pull back Navigation and basic object information. Which would be a planet in grid A4, ship in grid G7. Which the Conn/Navigation Officer could select either object and set a course. But if the Operations officer ran a SCAN they could go into advanced options and scan for type of ship, if the shields are up, hull breaches, locations of emitters and shield generators, but are unable to tell if weapons are charging that would be the further SCAN by the Tactical officer to detect that.

Do your Job: The more the consoles, skills, and maybe even your duty officers are used in the right moment the better the scenario becomes. Captain and First Officer don't forget to use the attack combat combinations to greatly improve your battle skills. The more you do….The move you will find out!!! Don't forget you overall score (This is the Academy after all).

Ideas for rewards: If completed successfully on NORMAL each team member would get a GREEN DUTY OFFICER. If it was completed on ADVANCED it would be a BLUE DUTY OFFICE, ELITE would be a PURPLE DUTY OFFICER.

Idea for Cryptic to make some money: If this is added to the foundry to have players create there own scenarios, like the episodes/missions. Lets say the creator wants a certain bridge, engineering, sick bay, astrometrics, cargo bay, Ten forward, jefferies tubes, personal quarters, etc….. Cryptic could make and sell these rooms like they do with the bridge sets. If the creator does not have the rooms available that they would like to have part of there scenario, then they can go to the c store and purchase there engineering room, sickbay, like they can for the bridge. With the creator purchasing new rooms and everyone playing the scenario, it may encourage players to buy that engineering room or sick bay, etc…
You also could have the creator only use ships within their own inventory. If they want to create a mission with the Enterprise F, then they need to own it.

How to Start: use the PvE queue TAB - Labeled As "Star Fleet Academy - Scenarios"
Every one queue up to whatever the scenarios needs (8 people)
(( Runabout 3 players/ Delta Flyer 4 players scenario ))
When the queue meets it's limit all are prompted to beam down (no matter where they are) and they all show up beaming down to Star Fleet Academy. They then are prompted to go to holodeck # in the main building.

Training Scenario: Conference on Vulcan

8 players
1 Captain
1 First Officer
1 Tactical/Security Officer (RANK)
1 Medical/Science Officer (RANK)
1 Chief Engineer (RANK)
1 Holo or Android Engineer (RANK)
1 Operations Officer (RANK)
1 Conn/Navigation Officer (RANK)

Objective: Take the diplomats to the Vulcan Conference safely.

All 8 players go to the holodeck 2 at Star Fleet Academy. Once they all enter the room, one holodeck wall will display Information during the pre-start process. Next a computer voice will say " Please configure your communication device to verbally communicate with your team." The Players will be shown how to setup the internal communication devices (STO internal microphone setup), They are also welcome to use a third party tool. The organizer/Team Leader will select which scenario and difficulty level. They are now shown the available rolls in this scenario, and are invited to select their roll that they wish to play. They are then prompted to start the scenario when ready. They select the start scenario button and a computer voice will say " Everyone please stand on the red square." (This is so someone is not merged with a bulkhead.)When everyone is standing within the red square it will change to green. All of the holo emitters little up and you slowly see the scenarios walls appear. The Scenario will start once walls are no longer transparent.

You will find yourself standing a runabout, while they are taxied in to dock in the shuttle bay. They fly from front to the back of the NEW Enterprise F and the runabout maneuvers from aft of the ship and lands in the shuttle bay. (Letting all of the players look out the windows of the shuttle craft and view the wonderful site of there first ship which will take them on there very first scenario.) When they land the runabout within the shuttlebay, the door opens and everyone walks out. They are prompted to stand at attention. The Captain gives out assignments.

Captain looking at a tablet…
Welcome aboard...Our Mission is….(Take the diplomats to the Vulcan Conference safely.)
When each of you get to your stations, you will find that I have some duties that I need finished before we arrive at Vulcan.
You may wish to complete them your self or delegate out to your duty officers.

Chief Engineer (RANK)
Holo or Android Engineer (RANK)

Report to Engineering...

Medical/Science Officer (RANK)

Report to Sickbay...

First Officer
Tactical/Security Officer (RANK)
Operations Officer (RANK)
Conn/Navigation Officer (RANK)

Report to the Bridge...

Your dismissed!!!

Everyone moves to there stations through out the ship.

Everyone takes their station by sitting down (selecting the chair) which switches them into console mode. Everyone will have a different console. While sitting down. You can have full console view mode or minimal view mode which will also let you see the front monitor or the area of the room in front of you. There is a point for the mini view that will be talked about later.

The Captain selects the console and sends a prompt to all officer consoles. Which says, "Report when your area is ready to depart." All officers send there status to the captain and First officer via the COMMUNICATION TAB. Every console will have the function of their responsibility. The operation console will display all operations of the ship, which is TAB base for quick selecting. If the captain asks for status on the deflector dish the operations officer will be able to talk to the captain (and everyone in voice chat will be able to hear status or / and the operation officer could select the TAB with the information and select to send it to anyone or just to the First Officer and the Captain so they can see what is going on. The Tactical office could send the shield status to the Captain, First Officer, and Engineering.

The Captain and First Officer console will have the functionality of mini quick information blocks from each station and if they select the mini block for engineering it would be the status that the engineer sent to the captain. They could then minimize that engineering TAB and select another Officers TAB.

The captain orders the Conn/Navigation Officer to go to warp and the Conn/Navigation Officer enters the course coordinates (puzzle of some sort) and enters the speed and engages.

All Officer mind to the tasks that are assign to them. Some assignment they can do themselves and other the duty officers (From there very own Duty officer roster) Engineer can only see there engineering duty officers, Operations can only see operations duty officers, etc…. Except for the Captain and First officer, they are able to see all of their Duty officers to assign anywhere. If someone does not have enough duty officers to complete the task they can push that task to the First Officer.

Important roll: The First Officer is constantly sending out duty officers to do ship maintenance as how they see fit. The Captain can also dabble in ship wide duty officer assignments.

The Operations Officer receives a distress call and the Captain needs to make a decision to continue with there mission or to go toward the distress signal………………………..

Part 1 of 4
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Part 2 of 4 = Scenarios Part 2 of 4 - Star Fleet Academy Holodecks ONLY...Kobayashi Maru scenario?

Lets say the Captain chooses to go to the distress signal, The could say "Conn/Navigation Officer set a course to the distress signal." The Conn/Navigation Officer selects the SCAN TAB and get the coordinated from the Operations Officer and enters the new coarse change. As they get closer, the Operations Officer selects the SCAN TAB and runs a basic scan, which lets them know basic information in the area. They know that there is a ship of some kind in grid A7. Now the Conn/Navigation Officer (since operations did a scan) can now see how long exactly it will take to get to the unknown ship instead of an estimate time and to adjust course if needed to drop out of warp closer to the ship. The Conn/Navigation Officer drops out of warp and maneuvers over to the ship. The Captain says open a channel, So the Operations Officer selects the COMMUNICATION TAB and selects hail ship in grid A7, the Captain sends a standard greeting asking about the distress signal. No response will show on Operations console which Operations Officer can in real time share this information. The Captain or First Office can ask for more detail of the ship. "Operations What kind of ship is it, what damage have they sustained? The Operations officer can find that out via the SCAN TAB view and they can select the ship in Grid A7 and select options for details information regarding type and class and a damage report. When the scan is complete the Operations Officer will be able to report on the ship class, type and damage status regarding multiple hull breaches, the nacelle is venting plasma, and life support is at 50%. The First Office asks to scan for life signs, number and what type of species, the Operations Officer carries out the order. The Operations Officer selects scan for life signs and the detail options with that request. When the scan has finished the Operations Officer can verbally tell everyone what kind information was received or push it to everyone via the console.

Operation officer also scan the condition of the warp core and it shows they have 15 minutes before they have a warp core breach. The Captain ask for suggestions and each officer gives an option. The Captain decides to go with an engineering solution, which the Chief and Holo or Android Engineer has to configure (puzzle) and push to the Operations Officer to implement. The Operations Officer Opens the Duty Officer Roster and finds some good candidates to beam over to the Romulan ship. The Operations officer selects the TRANSPORTER TAB and select the four Duty Officers and beams them over to the Romulan ship (The Operation Officer plays a puzzle/mini games (energy, buffers, etc…)) to finish the transport. The Conn/Navigation Officer is told by the First Officer to be prepared to get them out of there if needs be. The Conn/Navigation Officer then selects the SUBSPACE TAB and runs a scan to plot a course just in case of the warp core breaches. The First Officer also orders the Operations Officer to keep a transporter lock on the four Duty Officers just in case they need an emergency beam out. The Operations officer selects "keep a lock on the away duty officers" within the TRANSPORTER TAB, which keeps an active scan running to keep a lock. The Duty Officer hail the ship and asks the Operations Officer to start the integrity field reinforcement, the Operations Officer runs the math to start the pulse. The Operations Officer needs to continually playing mini games/puzzles in order to maintain the pulse. If the Operations officer fails at the mini games/puzzles, the pulse could become unstable and warp core could breach earlier.

The Captain orders the Tactical/Security Officer to beam the survivals aboard and beam them directly to sickbay. The Tactical/Security Officer selects the TRANSPORTER TAB and selects the 12 Romulans on the ship (they can see the 12 Romulans because of the detail scan the Operations Officer did earlier, otherwise the Tactical/Security Officer would have to do a full life sign scan on the ship in grid A7 in order to see all 12 Romulans. NOTE: The longer the Romulans stay on the ship the number of life signs drop - so hurry up) The Tactical/Security Officer then selects the destination which is sickbay. The transporter has started and the Tactical/Security Officer configures a puzzle/mini games (energy, buffers, etc…) to finish the transport in order to get all of the Romulans. If the games puzzles/mini games are not successful then a few Romulans maybe lost during transport. In the middle of the transport the Tactical/Security Officer hails sickbay regarding what is about to happen.

The Medical/Science Officer watches while the 12 Romulans are beaming into sickbay. Medical/Science Officer now runs scans on the injured Romulans. The Medical/Science Officer needs some more help, He opens the Duty Officer Roster and selects a EMH Doctor along with a few nurses, you see them enter sickbay. Now the Medical/Science Officer assigns the duty officers which patients/tasks they should work on (Medical Tricorder scan, what order to treat injured patents. One needs surgery (puzzle, puzzle, puzzle)….

The Tactical/Security Officer opens up the Duty roster and sends a number of security duty officers to sickbay. Then closes the console and goes to the third party view (ground view mode) and walks to the turbo lift and goes to sickbay for to evaluate the security situation. When the Tactical/Security Officer arrives a few of the Romulans pull out hand held phaser weapons and the Tactical/Security Officer calls for support. First officer opens the duty officer console and sends more security duty officers to assist with the security situations, then closes the console and goes to the third party to go assist. The Holo or Android Engineer goes into third party mode to go help also. The Romulans push there way to engineering and causes Chief Engineer to join the fight. A few areas of engineering are damaged before being stunned by the security team. The Chief Engineer, Holo or Android Engineer, and First Officer try to solve the problems, before having a power failure which will leave them vulnerable to not being able to warp if the Operation Officer and the Duty officers are unable to contain or fix the warp core breach on the ship in grid A7. The Tactical/Security Officer go to sick bay to make sure nothing else happens.

The Conn/Navigation Officer runs a basic scan from the SCAN TAB with (NOTE: Conn/Navigation Officer does not have a detail option available in his console. Conn/Navigation Officer SCAN only shows a ship approaching and navigation information). The conn officer shows a Romulan Ship approaching in grid H2 on the SCAN TAB. The Operation Officer runs a more detailed scan to find out more information about the Romulan ship. The Captain calls for the Tactical/Security Officer to report to the Bridge. The Tactical/Security Officer selects one of the duty officers tells them not to let any Romulans leave sickbay. Tactical/Security Officer leaves sickbay and enters the turbo lift. The Captain asks the Conn/Navigation Officer to put the Romulan Warbird on screen, Conn/Navigation Officer opens the SCAN TAB and selects "Put on screen". The Captain is now in mini view console where the captain can see active mini block information from each station and see the front screen with the Romulan Warbird approaching. The Captain asks the Conn/Navigation Officer to hail the Romulan Warbird (standard greeting and through the captains console they can select additional information to say. The Tactical officer enters the bridge and takes his station. The Tactical/Security Officer runs a continual tactical scan which shows that their shields are up and they are charging weapons. The Tactical/Security Officer pushes that out to all consoles and verbally communicates that. (The tactical continual scan will show shield strength, weapons charging, weapons fire, and type of weapon). Everyone from the console can see space combat if they would like using the SPACE COMBAT TAB.

Captain says RED ALERT, shields!!!

Part 2 of 4
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Part 3 of 4 = Scenarios Part 3 of 4 - Star Fleet Academy Holodecks ONLY...Kobayashi Maru scenario?

Captain asks the Conn/Navigation Officer to hail them again, no response. The Warbird is firing and hits the ships aft shield. The Tactical/Security Officer lets everyone know verbally that there aft shields are down to 55%, the tactical officer pushes a real time shield information out to everyone. The Chief and Holo or Android Engineer thinks that they can reroute more power to the aft shields and if the puzzle/mini game was successful and done quickly, it will depend on how much power was rerouted to the aft shields. The First Officer reports to the bridge and takes his seat. Battle continues….. Operation Officer looks at the SHIP STATUS TAB we have a hull breach on deck 11, Operation Officer plays a mini game to get the shields up over the breach. The First Office asks the Operation Officer to push that to him. Operation Officer selects the First officer and pushes it to the First Officers console. The First Officer opens the duty officer list and assigns the task out. The officer can monitor the duty officers status from that console, and report to the captain if needed.

The Chief and Holo or Android Engineer is always playing mini games and puzzles to try to improve power flow efficiency and rerouting power to needed areas. If the Chief and Holo or Android Engineer was able to get the task done quickly with no errors and successfully. Then whatever the objective was (more power to shields, EPS power transfer……)would receive a big boost of power in that area. For an example: The mini game is like scanning anomalies and you have four seconds to complete the mini game. If you complete it in 1 second 100% of the full amount of power will be sent to tactical or Operations. If you completed it in 2 seconds 80%, 3 seconds 60%, 4 seconds 40%, If it wasn't done by the end of the time no extra power would be sent to the tactical officer for combat. The Tactical/Security Officer would have to do with the current power flow .The Tactical/Security Officer would use his skills and with the extra power provided if the engineer was successful.

Not enough to do…..The Captain takes control of the battle…..
From the Captain and First Officers consoles ONLY.
The Captain can take over the battle to have the officers run certain skills in order. Within their consoles the Captain and First Officer selects the SPACE COMBAT TAB. From there they can see combo offence and defenses skill line ups. The Captain calls the Medical/Science Officer that is in sickbay to come to the bridge. The Medical/Science Officer Assigns the rest of the tasks to the Duty officers and leaves sickbay.

The Captain firmly says, "Attack Pattern Beta III" and pushes it out to all consoles. This is a 4 part attack.
The Captain will need to coordinate the attack process while the First Office sends the duty officers around the to repair the ship.

Attack Pattern Beta III
Part 1: Conn/Navigation Officer
NOTE: Part 2 and 3 will need to be ran at the same time
Part 2: Science and engineer
Part 3: Tactical, Security, and Operations officers.
Part 4: Tactical

Part 1: The Conn/Navigation Officer console screen is showing a flight pattern that needs to followed. The Conn/Navigation Officer follows the pattern and speed settings 1/2 impulse on turn and 3/4 impulse after the science office creates the gravity well.

Part 2: The Medical/Science Officer come out of the turbo lift and takes their station and sees that they need to power up the deflector dish and charge the Graviton Generators, She starts the process. At the same time the Medical/Science Officer and the Chief Engineer are running mini games and puzzles to make this a Gravity Well Level III. If they are successful with the puzzles and mini games before the Graviton Generator is fully charged the level is increased from level one to level three ( or level two if only one the officers are successful). The Captain waits until they are at position A on the flight path that the Conn/Navigation Officer is following and tell the Medical/Science Officer to create the gravity Well. The Medical/Science Officer selects the point in space right behind the Romulan Warbird with the mouse and fires a beam from the deflector dish that initiates a gravity well.

Part 3: While the Tactical/Security Officer, Operation Officer, and Holo or Android Engineer work together. The Holo or Android Engineer helps increase power to the next step in the process. The Operation Officer Scans the ship to identify components (Shield generators and emitters, Weapon ports, Torpedo ports, tractor beam emitter, impulse engines, warp nacelles). When the Gravity well is first created, The Captain tells the Tactical/Security Officer to fire torpedo spread. The Tactical/Security Officer fires a photon torpedo spread III (level three because the Tactical/Security Officer and Holo or Android Engineer finished their puzzle/mini game successfully to increase the level.

Part 4: The Operation Officer has finished there details component scan. The Tactical/Security Officer will target the Romulans forward shield emitters and take down their forward shields. With the successful mini game the Operation Officer did during the scan and the continues puzzles and mini games the Tactical/Security Officer keeps completing successfully. The Tactical/Security Officer has a level three skill available to use to take down the forward shields. (100% to take down shields, Level two 75% chance, and level one 50% chance to take down the forward shield emitters.) The Tactical/Security Officer selects (with the mouse) the forward shield emitter from the Operation Officer detailed scans and fires. It drops the Romulan Warbird forward shields and the torpedo spread hits.

As a bonus by using a Special Captain attacks, will show first hand damage. You now see a movie with the Romulan Warbird getting hit by 4 photon torpedo's with two of them going through the hull and one blowing up from within and the second torpedo going all the way through the ship and exploding after exiting the ships hull. You see multiple explosions afterwards. The Romulan Warbird is dead in space.
NOTE: By using Special Captain or First Officer attacks it will shorten the battle time by 60% or so….Tactical Officer only vs. a coordinated attack.

The Captain says to the Operation Officer: Hail the Romulan Warbird, The Operation Officer selects the COMMUNICATIONS TAB and selects the Romulan Warbird in grid H9, and opens a channel. Operation Officer lets the Captain know that the channel is open and pushes that to the captains console.. The Captain has a few chooses in the console, example:
1: Diplomacy option,
2: Tell the Romulans to surrender,
3: Offer to help because of the Operation Officer scanning their ship has identified that there life support and gravity hull plating has gone off line with multiple hull breaches and explosions on desks 7 thru 12. The third option would be available ONLY if the Operation Officer ran a detailed scan before hailing the Romulan Warbird. The Romulans reply but there is a lot of static. Captain says to the Operation Officer "Can you clear that up?" The Operation Officer selects the COMMUICATION TAB and plays a fine tuning mini game (like scanning anomalies and the mini game you play). The Captain asks them to repeat their message, They do and depending on how fast and if the Operation Officer was successful playing the mini game. Will depend how clear the channel is sounding. The Romulans request help and the Captain orders the Tactical/Security Officer to transport the injured to sickbay and asks the First Office to send some duty officers (Security, Engineering, etc...) over to fix the Romulan Warbird and to take control.

Captain also orders the Operations officer to hail Star Fleet and tell them about the situation, and to ask for support. The Operations Officer selects the COMMUICATION TAB and hails Star Fleet and relays the information.

When help arrives you call back your duty officers and continue course to your conference on Vulcan.

Rewards are given out to all members...This can be based on there ability to follow the Captains special attack and be successful as a team, all the mini games they won, and for winning the Scenario.
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Part 4 of 4 = Scenarios Part 4 of 4 - Star Fleet Academy Holodecks ONLY...Kobayashi Maru scenario?

Another mini Scenario.....

Warp Core Refit Scenario - Memory Alpha

5 players
1 Chief Engineer
1 Holo Engineer
1 Lt Engineer
2 Ensign Engineers

Objective: The Engineers are assigned to refit the warp core to meet Aegis II Hyper-Impulse Engines standards.

All 5 players go to the holodeck 3 at Star Fleet Academy. Once they all enter the room, one holodeck wall will display Information during the pre-start process. Next a computer voice will say " Please configure your communication device to verbally communicate with your team." The Players will be shown how to setup the internal communication devices (STO internal microphone setup), They are also welcome to use a third party tool. The organizer/Team Leader will select which scenario and difficulty level. They are now shown the available rolls in this scenario, and are invited to select their roll that they wish to play. They are then prompted to start the scenario when ready. They select the start scenario button and a computer voice will say " Everyone please stand on the red square." (This is so someone is not merged with a bulkhead.) When everyone is standing within the red square it will change to green. All of the holo emitters little up and you slowly see the scenarios walls appear. The Scenario will start once walls are no longer transparent. You will find yourself standing in front of the Engineering main door and they will automatically open and you all will step into the room to start the scenario.

They hear the Captain call them to the conference room. All engineers get into the turbo lift and walk into the conference room on the side of the bridge and take seat. The NPC Captain and NPC First Office tell them about the upgrade that they are going to be doing on the warp core and nacelles. They are dismissed to return to there duties, so they head for the turbo lift and go to engineering.

Multiple tasks are presented to the Chief Engineer...The Chief Engineer resigns as few tasks to each of the four engineers.
One Engineer goes to the port nacelle, and the other to the starboard nacelle to make modifications. The other two are assigned to different Jefferies tubes to upgrade, modify power modules and change the EPS manifold power flow. The chief Engineer coordinates the changes from engineering.

Part 1: The Chief Engineer would wait for one of the other officers to notify that they were ready to start making the modifications in there assign area, the Chief would shutdown power in the areas being worked (Puzzle, mini game, math) and notify the officer when it is safe to start working. NOTE: Before any officer starts and tests the modifications the Chief engineer would have to complete certain puzzles in order for them to move forward with the task. If the modification fail, the engineer will need to get new replacement parts or just rerun the games for a better results and complete the math. (Replacement Parts: That’s if the components were destroy during the test. The severity of the test would depend on how well they did the games and math.) Or just work with the Chief and rerun the games and math together (the engineer can share there display to get help from the Chief Engineer to get the configuration correct.)

Part 2: Once everyone has coordinated and tested there changes successfully, everyone reports back to engineering for the final round. The Chief Engineer will be shown the next step of Puzzles, mini games, math. They all must work together as a team with the Chief Engineer taking the lead (This is all about leadership.) The chief will push a console view to every engineer to take them through each step, some duties will only need one person and others will need more, also some modification will need to be done at the exact same time. Some parts can be completed at any point and some need to be done in sequential order for the final warp test to be successful. Some steps can be done multiple times in order to get it right and some can only be done once ( Careful ).

They hail the Captain, to notify that the work has been completed.
The Captain goes to warp.
1. Can't form a warp bubble. ( Engineers have 5min to fix it or the scenario is over)
2. While in warp the nacelle starts leaking plasma ( Engineers have 4min to fix it or the scenario is over)
3. Small explosions in engineering ( Engineers have 3min to fix it or the scenario is over)
4. Warp core breach in progress and if you don't do the puzzle, mini game, math right in a short time the warp core will not eject and the ship blows up. ( Engineers have 2min to fix it or the scenario is over)
5. You were successful and win a reward, a rare item to go towards the Aegis II Hyper-Impulse Engine. If they run this on Advanced they get 2 rare items to go toward the Aegis II Hyper-Impulse Engine. ELITE they get the Aegis II Hyper-Impulse Engine.

This could be with the Shields and the deflector dish to complete a Aegis II set.


Star Trek Voyager S7 E14 The Void - Is a really good example of a scenario event.

The Captain and the and first office work on the alliance, while coordinating all projects which the other players are working on.
The Medical office works on teaching the unknown (famtomie) guest to talk via sounds on a tablet.
The engineer and operation office on the warp core and building a modular.
Security keeping the ship safe and investigating violation to security
Tactical space battles
Conn fighting the ship.

Star Trek Voyager S7 E10 Shattered
Is another good one...

Star Trek Voyager S5 E23 Relativity

Star Trek Voyager S7 E3 Drive
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02-20-2012, 12:59 PM
I have some Short/Mid/Long Term Request, more of a repeat/clarification of a previous post.

A) Get rid of the status window that pops up every single dang time you come upon a planet, station, ship, ect.. its bad design and clutters an already-messy UI. Make the window optional to view and give us that option via the game software settings. As a caveat, perhaps Cryptic/PW should work with the community as a whole on redesigning the UI from the ground up.

B) Less alerts about who got what, we get it already, someone spend some credits and bought an unlock key. Its obnoxious and disrespectful to everyone who plays the game. Tie into ignoring via option A above

C) Make the Klingon Empire or any other faction in-coming into a playable race from first creation, a lvl20/commander lock-out on that function makes this product half-worthless in its present form, as many of us want to play lobsterheads from the get-go! I know many who want to F2P this game, but placing an artificial lock-out is not the way to go, in fact, its dissuaded those same people who want to play..

A) More locations on the ship. Sure, you have the bridge, caps. office and engineering, but this is a STARSHIP, not an 3 room efficiency apartment. Lets put those functioning areas into the ship. Sickbay, Capts. Quarters, Shuttlebays, rec/ten forward, transporter, ect..all vital areas on a ship. This could tie into long term requests below

B) Make functionability on the bridge a reality, allow me to sit there and explore the universe in the way a Federation/Klingon Empire CO should, in his seat on the bridge. The system already supports characters speaking their lines in bubble/text box format on the ground, it shouldnt take too much to do the same on ship,in addition, let me have the ability to switch between bridge/outside view in both travel and combat situations, If I go into warp, let me observe that on the bridge, then head to my office to do a few things, then come back once we've arrived at our destination

C) Lets finally make a starship what it should be, a placed where people live and work. Its been done w/ some success, but there can be more done. Example: During/After a massive fire-fight w/ the jem'hadar, borg, or gorn I want to see the aftermath on my ship. That would be anything from engineering fixing a damaged conduit, putting out a fire or clearing up fallen debris, not to mention Medical performing triage or even security assembling a team to repel the invading horde. The same goes for peacetime ops as well.

A) Lets get some actual control over our shuttles/fighters. If a party wants to launch/land their shuttle both in space or on land, make it so. Im not expecting MS Flight controls, but something that allows the player to perform sub-orbital flight over a planet or the ability to actually dock to a ship or station. EVE Online and the now defunct SWG has done that with success, why not STO??

B) Lets update the travel UI. The current map, while interesting, doesn't have the "pop" like other games such as EVE Online. I would love to see the ability to have "real warped space" around me, not a "zoned, federation parking lot" approach as it is currently. The same goes for systems/instances, get rid of the "parking lot" feel when people visit starbases and stations.

C) Last, but most certainly not least, its time this game brings in actual voice acting. Im not expecting the level of lines written for a game such as SW:TOR, but things such as background NPCs convos on ships/stations, mission providers, computers and the like can and should be voiced. Also, Cryptic/Perfect World should spend some capital dollars and bring in actors from ALL the series/films, even JJ Trek, to perform voice roles. Its not much to ask for building a much more deeper experience..
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02-21-2012, 04:09 AM
Allow authors to control "map level" for foundry maps.
Allow authors to restrict player starship requirements to start the mission.
Allow holo-projectos of all starships within foundry.

Ability to upgrade *all* starships to Tier-5 playability.

[Perhaps a "-1" alternative to native Tier-5 starships, note signature]

Design and construct your own starships with total freedom.
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02-21-2012, 05:10 AM
Short Term:
No more silencing. I would rather play in a game where public chat was unusable due to spam than one where I have my bought-and-payed-for game time ruined by some malicious player who has realised they can abuse the report spam system. If I am silenced one more time I am done with this game.

Timely customer service. I get a faster response from the customer service of farmers co-op who produce the eggs that I buy than I do from Cryptic GMs. They have no e-mail and just an answering machine for taking after-hours calls. Increase staff, set ticket fulfillment targets, outsource; do what you gotta do to create an acceptable service. People pay you money for an MMO and they have expectations that you need to meet. Regularly taking a week to receive a GM response would be a hilarious joke if it wasn't so frustrating. The minimum standard should be for a reply while I'm still in my game session. The ideal is what your obvious market competitors and leaders are capable of.

Some content that is worth my continuing to pay and play. I'm not talking about cutscenes with atrocious (and probably overpriced) voice-acting. I mean something to do, that is worth doing and isn't monotonous and repetitive.
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02-21-2012, 08:14 AM
Short term: Random items like the Galor class in the cardassian lock boxes. I'm personally tired of seeing ??????@???????? was assigned a Galor class starship and I have spent in excess of £30 on master keys to keep getting the same old stuff. Increase the drop frequency of these items because the amount of money spent to the ratio of items received simply isn't worth my time.
Similar request in terms of borg tech drops. There's only so many times I'm willing to play through STF's in order to obtain these virtually unobtainable items.
Finally Price capping in the exchange. I think it's unreasonable for players to charge 5000,000 EC for an item worth only 80,000. Cap the pricing to perhaps 20,000 more than the items stock value.

Mid Term: Some more shuttle only missions would be nice, but something a little more in depth than the Vault.
Continuation of the main storyline. I've got to admit, I've been really impressed with the story so far, the various factions causing trouble, the undine being the underlying root of these upheavals, the Borg returning for some nefarious purpose and the Iconians being the puppet masters behind all of it. I really would love to know where the story is going and how it's going to end. C-Store pricing. How about some discounts for lifers and gold members. We already pay to get the best STO experience we can so how about a little reduction in the cost of Points.

Long Term: New factions, pretty self explainatory. Shuttle usability. I think it's already been stated, but atmospheric flight, actual docking abilities etc. There's just so much that can be done with shuttles and they deserve a fair crack of the whip. Finally larger ground maps with a greater variety of exploration missions. Some of the episodes of Trek would see the crews of the various ships engaging in exploration and research missions that could last more than a day. The whole scan this scan four more is a little stale now and really needs to be addressed.
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02-21-2012, 08:38 AM
Short: CBS yanking ST license from Cryptic.
Mid: Remove PW from control of the game.
Long: Hand game license over to some other company that understands quality. Bioware, for instance. Heck, even Blizzard could do a better job.

Originally Posted by Ultima_Prime
Short term: Random items like the Galor class in the cardassian lock boxes.
Put ALL Rare and tier 5 ships in these gold boxes, even those that are not currently on the roster (Jem bug, for instance), and a few others like Breen and Undine. They're already assets in the game, allow all players the opportunity to access every opposing ship available, even those from other factions (Fed for KDF, and vise-versa).

Originally Posted by Ultima_Prime
I'm personally tired of seeing ??????@???????? was assigned a Galor class starship
Whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired.
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02-21-2012, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by chrisdanger View Post
A) More locations on the ship. Sure, you have the bridge, caps. office and engineering, but this is a STARSHIP, not an 3 room efficiency apartment. Lets put those functioning areas into the ship. Sickbay, Capts. Quarters, Shuttlebays, rec/ten forward, transporter, ect..all vital areas on a ship. This could tie into long term requests below
Captain's quarters, Sickbay, and a Lounge are on the Crew Deck. The Engineering level includes the transporter room as well as an Engineering lab. Just take the turbolift.

But I also would like to see more labs, astrometrics, the shuttle bay, a cargo bay, the brig, guest quarters, a conference room, holodecks, etc.

In the long term, at the level cap we could have some fully customizable areas so we can have Dabo tables in the lounge, a hydroponics space, and so forth.

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