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02-17-2012, 03:02 PM
Remove the whole Ambassador's babbling on cutscene and just give us a text window! Teaming is severely busted and makes the mission impossible to complete. Engineering powers don't work, making the ground part suck on elite for any Engineer that tries.
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02-17-2012, 03:14 PM
I dug the mission but it seemed a Lot shorter than most of the FE missions so it seemed a bit more like a diplomatic foundry mission. I would have loved for it to be a little bit longer. Also it WOULD be nice if there was a way to skip cutscenes if you've already watched it. It kind of kills the replay value.
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02-17-2012, 05:20 PM
I agree, their should be an option to skip cutscenes you have already watched. Also that is something else annoying that I completly forgot about, Engineer abilities dont work, it made the escort very annoying.
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02-19-2012, 07:19 AM
I finished this mission this morning and took some time to formulate what I thought. Overall, I did enjoy the tension. Though I admit the mission to find someone to give up their Holosuite time was slightly painful. Because I was familiar with Quark's layout, I assumed the mission utilized all three levels. So I kept running up and down to find additional NPC's who may have been important.

Kudos for the voice overs. I especially liked Commander Andrews. Made me more attached to her.

The immediate assault of DS9 made perfect sense to me. Though I can see why other player's might not have. As that fleet of 30 years past would likely have been informed of the Federation attempt to break the Dominion's Alpha Quadrant blockade as depicted in 'Sacrifice of Angels'. The 2800 expected Weyoun and the female Founder (remember she is their God) to be at Ds9 to welcome them. The only thing lacking was proper set-up through the eyes of our Captain. Even without a cut scene, we should have likely noted the following parked around DS9:
One Gorn starship
One Cardassian starship (not necessarily a Galor)
One Deferi starship (one of their patrol ships?)
U.S.S. Belfast
U.S.S. Fletcher
U.S.S. Opaka
U.S.S. Phinda
This would have made the immediate assault of DS9 seem more plausible to more player's. After all, with the above list being the only starships present, I can see Loriss (the Vorta) immediately moving to rescue her God from the clutches of the enemy.

I did like the (optional) Duty Officer missions. Of course, there's always a chance of not having the right Doffs available for one or all of them. I was happy that my Common Doffs weren't useless for some of these. So they didn't fail.

The boarding action by the Jem'Hadar is something I would have done in a different order. Ops would have easily been a primary target to take the station. I would have had Commander Andrews fall in Ops earlier. Right after the assault of the Conference Room (I would have had Rugan Skyl steal Weyoun's line from Sacrifice of Angels, "Time to go!"). Then show Kurland use the Com-system to order complete evacuation once he realized Ops was gone and all the chaos in the Promenade.

In the space battle, I concur with other critics that DS9 was under gunned. I just don't believe Starfleet would have removed the additional phaser emplacements from some of the Runabout landing pads. I would have least displayed one for each of the stations three arcs.

It was implied that our own starship is hard docked and waiting for our Captain. Wouldn't my First Officer not have been immediately engaged in battle?

And since the Ambassador's are assumed to be aboard our own starship, where was:
The Gorn starship? On a pleasure cruise of the Bajoran system while S'stass was posturing?
The Cardassian starship? At least trying to escape with the evacuees in Runabouts, I'd have thought?
The Deferi starship? Same as the Cardassian ship.
Of the ships the mission told us to assist, I would have expected the Gorn ship to be amongst those. With the other two starships likely destroyed in the confusion.

I can't wait to follow through with Of Bajor this weekend.
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02-20-2012, 05:04 PM
I wish the rifle award was not unique like the armor isn't. I would like to equip my whole away team with a dominion set.

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