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Originally Posted by mavgeek View Post
Imagination is good in theory.

Until an NPC calls you Admiral. Then immersion breaks so yea..

They really can fix this, in the first FE of this series they integrated the Doff system into it, so why not allow these lower rank tasks to be delegated to a Doff?
Good point. TOS was held during a different time. In later shows, they placed greater value in the safety of the ship CO. In my thinking, the greater value was placed in the captain because of their knowledge, experience, and level of access to classified Fed/Starfleet information. It'd be too risky for a captain to be on an away team unless proper security precautions were taken. Sure...there are some dangerous situations that a captain must handle, but it's mostly done from the bridge.

I wish they would set up the system to allow us to choose if we want to play the Captain or XO on away teams. Then, points would focus more on the XO than the Captain except for space missions and closing the overall mission. I'd also like to see them change is the after beam up attacks. It'd be fun to still have an away team on the ground when an attack happens. Then, you'd have to use your other bridge officers still on board to defend the ship and your away team. (Not likely to happen.) The problem that I have with the ranking system is that I've maxed out my rank on Holodeck and Tribble from the start with the new Doff system. At most, while taking Doffs from other characters, I've only managed to get to level one on Commendation XP. I've also completed all of the main missions including the FEs on the Holodeck character.

There's really no reason to visit any star system except for the explore clusters (mainly for the dilithium). Otherwise, you can just rank up using the main story missions. I think the rank up should involve minimum level to do a story mission, but there should be more to it. For example: some colonial Doff missions require completing certain missions once you have certain Doffs and commodities. I think they should put completing a 3 to 4 patrol missions (in any sector) and participate in at least 1 Borg encounter and 1 Deep Space Encounter (in any sector). Then, there would be a reason to do the patrols.

Keep the main points awarded to the story missions. Have the required missions at reduced points, but still have the item and anomaly drops. Overall, the story/patrol mission would be more on par with how the Doff system works. Maybe...they could rework mission/patrol rewards in some way to award points/item drops like the Doff--Critical Success, Success, Failed, Disaster.

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