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i was thinking about how would I make profit from a game like this,
because i want U to have the cash to hire new staff and develop

Let's take a look into the future. What brings most profit?

- gold/lifers?
- lifers no, as said you pay only once, then you're out. and with no content in the endgame and it gets boring very fast you stop buying stuff and PERHAPS return later.
- gold are better ones, as they do not stop paying after a time, but they also need new content..

so OK, give them some more perks. more than 400CP for example, no advertisements, a flat C-store discount... and a reason to stay

lock boxes?
this is also VERY profitable as people are stupid and gamble. BUT this trick is not to be repeated very often, we learn and perhaps it becomes boring. we are not in china.

- PVP?
not really. yes PVP is fun and it is also non profit. but - a good PVP will attract NEW people!

there is one more thing MORE profitable than this - to keep us actually IN THE GAME!

how are we supposed to buy stuff if we are not playing?
the leveling is too fast, then one hits the end game and what there is to do now?
the crafting is not important, the stf's are fun, but only the first 20 times, so one can only grind for equipment which is the same.. how long? this brings me to:

new FE's? - profitability rank 3
new content is a nice thing. and yes, people are coming back because of it. and buying stuff.
so this is the way to go. it comes with:
- costume bundles
but it is still only 5-10 hours of gameplay

increase of LVL's - profitability rank 7
now this would need CONTENT .
it brings:
- MK XIII, MK XIV gear
- T6 ships
- new STF's
- new PVP maps
- many hours of gameplay
to avoid players ignoring the old STF's you could add a new rank to them, or drop just Dilithium (5.000 for a run)

new playable races - profitability rank 8
what does it bring - whole new content, which one has to create a new char for and replay all the shared and new content, about 100+ hours of gameplay
- we buy everything new - ships, costumes, bank slots, character slots...
- it brings whole new possibilities to the PVP, and to the endgame, new stf's...
- it LOOKS GOOD! the whole gaming world would write about this which means big presence in the media

this is the most profitable way to go, in combination with lvl increasement,
first faction, then new lvl's - to avoid difficulties in implementing the 3rd faction into the lore of the new content.

deepening gameplay

- allow fleet progress, bases and pvp in them, real exploration with new commodities..
- use the capacity of the engine and create AI generated PVE exploration missions "meet new civilisations" with more scenarios.
- make new sector, which a fleet/player could chart and gain "affection XP" from the visited planets (with a wear off for replayability, even faction based - planet has 100% affection, so if 40% of the visitors are FEDs, they will have 40% of the commodities...), gain some commodities here and there, after achieving some higher perk one could build a fleet base in the sector space.
these commodities could be also handled in the exchange (single players could pose as traders)
this base could be enabled to PVP..

this would give us also many hours to play!

in form of banners/billboards, but better -
- why shouldn't there be a McDonalds on the Drozana station? (giving you 5% regen boost for an hour)
- how about a RED BULL weekend on RISA? (you could win some prizes, phones, tickets,... idk)
- what about winning a real NVIDIA by trying to bring Q some baked tribbles?
- screenshot/graphics contest do gain free access to deviantart or flickr or... 30day premium account

discussion welcome

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