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Title says it all. The mission resets the moment my brother and I warp to Bajor and arrive. Keep in mind that solo neither of us have had a problem, but duo it has reset almost every single time for both of us and, in one instance, just me.

To clarify: Everything is completed. Mission advancement states: Warp to Bajor. Upon arriving at Bajor neither myself, or my brother, were prompted to complete the mission. Opening the log and checking 'In-Progress' tab reveals that Second Wave has been reset to the beginning (talk to the commander at Deep Space 9).
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02-12-2012, 09:33 PM
Yeah, I noticed this bug too when I was in a group as well. I could finish it solo, but not in a group for some reason. (And we completed all the objectives)
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02-21-2012, 01:23 PM
I have suffered through that twice myself, once per Federation character. I've done it solo (which is painful) and managed to complete the scenario but every time I try teaming with my friend he gets it completed and I do not. Definitely have learned my lesson and will not try doing it again in a team.

The bugs in the gameplay during the mission are bad enough but to put in all the time and effort to get nothing for it at the end is very frustrating. Not to mention having Bajor expanded meant we had to skip on Cage of Fire because we couldn't get to the nav beacon. Second Wave has a lot of potential but at this point it seems it should be classified as pre-alpha at best.

All I can do is recommend anyone who wants to play it do it by themselves I suppose, because who knows if it will be fixed before it really is the 25th Century.

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