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I just bought the Vandal Destroyer only for the Plasmonic Leech console from c-store.

The console says -1 setting to target. C-store says "enhances all of your energy weapons". But I don't see any effect that suggests my 8 beams cause energy drain any different from a single beam.

Devs, has someone got this wrong?

The -1 on the console stats don't change so I have no idea.

There is no indication during combat of it being applied or even working as intended.

Can someone please confirm that the consoles effect can be changed by spending skills on energy drain please?

Also does it work per weapon or does it just apply 1 x -1 too target?

i.e. if I have 1 beam and 7 torps it would have the same effect as 8 beams like I have?

Did I spend 800 credits on a ship just to get a console that does -1 energy lol Please help me to confirm what this console does. Thanks all.

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