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02-21-2012, 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by kellar21
Where do I find that damn EPtS3 it always elude me
What about High Yield Torpedo??
Another question does the quantum chamber really helps, I know the Sovereign is much more manouverable than the oddy but isn't more beneficial to have a third beam Relay(in my case Anti-Proton Mag Regualator).
Anyway thanks for the quick reply,by what you are saying when it comes to the borg it's better to kill then faster ,heh makes sense they are the borg after all.

Thanks again.
EPTS3 is a skill trainable by Engineers. Ask around Spacedock, or your fleet if you're in one, and someone should be able to train your officer for you. High Yield and Torpedo Spread 2 are trainable by the BOFF trainer on Earth Spacedock, but 3 is unavailable to the Sovereign as it's a Lieutenant Commander ability.

I'm using a Zero Point module because I rely on Quantum torpedoes fairly heavily. Torpedo Spread can quite easily obliterate clusters of Borg probes and other unshielded enemies if you use it correctly (Try stripping their shields with Power to Weapons followed immediately by Beam Fire at Will, or combining it with a Science captain's Gravity Well. )

As far as the Borg are concerned... Yes. I do firmly believe that the only way to deal with them is the Blitzkrieg approach, which is why I use escorts when doing Elite STFs. As a rule, cruisers simply don't have the sustained firepower necessary to wipe out critical targets like Tactical Cubes and Transformers with any expediency, and as STF optional objectives are time-sensitive, it can rapidly snowball out of control if you have a fleet full of cruisers with no real firepower to back them up.

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