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Originally, it was this discussed in this:

Now to add more fun to the mix. I bought a copy from LLC, and it has trouble activating and when it does it gives me Wal-Mart Pre-Order stuff.

So I posted a Support Ticket on PerfectWorld

Star Trek Online Retail Edition Not Activating #120221-000419 Updated 02/21/2012

Proof of Purchase (Censored Version)

If it is a Wal-Mart Edition... then I would need it deactivated so I can return it to Amazon to receive the correct edition.

Or better option, just remove the Wal-Mart bonuses and give me the bonus since the item was sold by thereby making it an Amazon copy.

That is if Cryptic has access to the PerfectWorld support, if not I will have to find another to contact.

If the answer is "Different editions, different items", deactivate the Star Trek Retail Edition so it can be returned to for a proper Amazon edition of the game.


Yes, I bought two copies. One is a GIFT copy for a friend. The other is for myself, but the gift copy is not activated or given out until this situation with my copy that has been activated has been rectified.

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