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Many criticisms of STO have rained down over the past couple years, but one thing I feel that Cryptic has done a great job on is the Featured episodes. The cutscenes, in depth storylines, mission variances, etc have all made these featured episodes very fun to play.

However, I think that these missions could be even better with a couple small tweaks, some of which may depend on how often these featured episodes might be released. Historically, they've been far and few in between. 4 episodes in 2 years isn't exactly mass production. On the other hand, we've been getting our collective tires pumped up by Cryptic since Perfect World took over and the F2P concept is supposedly a game-changer with regards to STO's budget.

Having said that, what I'd really like to see from the featured episodes now is an on-going story arc. The missions between the Breen, then the Devidians, then the Romulans, and now the True-Way/Dominion....I mean they're all cool and fun to play individually ( nice job on Bajor BTW), but there is absolutely no grounding-fluidity which really provides an on-going story arc, except for the fact that it's my captain and crew running all those missions.

Why not tie in future featured episodes so that a persistent story-arc could be developed?

Imagine....finishing a featured episode with some kind of MAJOR cliffhanger.

Twists are good....why not finish an episode with the imminent destruction of one's own ship (cutscene to escape pods). We fail the mission (only from a story perspective), but gain a cool mission reward (like a ship console).

Let's say in this same example that our crew's failure means that the enemy takes over a starbase ( la DS9).... wouldn't it be cool to make that starbase hostile territory...or at least changed that it reflects the results of the featured episode until the NEXT featured episode (where the player can make things right again.) Of course, this could only be witnessed live as the missions a rolled out. Players who replay OLD episodes obviously would not witness major changes to the persistent STO gameplay.

Anyway, like the title says...just a few thoughts.

Great job on the Featured episodes...just hoping to expand on it
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02-22-2012, 04:03 AM
I thought if there were real dynamic content on DS9 to match the FE it would be great.

Imagine all players being forced to Bajor to see the STF merchants, and all the major merchants and service providers shifted to the new Bajor fleet command station. Throw in a few elite level PvE queues for recon and counterattack against the Dominion armada and you have all sorts of interesting possibilities.

A lot of quests would be broken with the no entry to Dominion occupied DS9 but all the devs need to do is put a great big holographic sign on the sector map (roleplay it as Starfleet Command general orders) telling players about the Dominion invasion and the diversion of all ships to friendly Bajoran space. Want to see Quark? Too bad, help Starfleet and the KDF in their battle against the Dominion first, then DS9 will be reverted back to normal status.

And while we're at it, would it not be awesome to have FE specific duty officer missions too? Such as those "Sabotage Reman base", "track enemy fleet movements" etc but against the Dominion with FE-related rewards and bonus content.

It would also be interesting for the evil mercenaries amongst us to actually join the Dominion forces as either rogue traders (big profit hi risk ventures) or actually selling ships and crews to serve the enemy, earning some player perks but also getting him/her a dishonourable discharge from Starfleet/KDF as well (and an option to join own forces back later, but - 10 levels as a penalty?). How awesome would it be to have a temporary character profession like that.

Ah, the RP possibilities of having a character permanently marked as a traitor years after the Dominion saga. Lol.

This is the sort of thing I would pay a Gold subscription for. FE is great, but we, the players, would definitely cheer for Cryptic to do even better

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