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Lt. Commander
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How does this look for a new Science Lt Cmd flying the Science Vessel Refit?

Right now I'm only doing PvE.

I haven't flown any missions yet, planning to later today after work and when I have time to finish getting this setup:

Lt Science: Hazard Emitters I, Tyken's Rift I
Lt Science: Tachyon Beam I, Scrable Sensors I
Ensign Tactical: Torpedo Spread I (maxed this out, I discovered that love this skill lol)
Ensign Engineer: Emergency Power to Shields I (maxed out)

I'm not really sure about Tachyon Beam, it's a neat ability but it only drains about 390 shield power from each facing right now. Granted it's on all 4 facing which is neat, but I'm wondering if I should drop it for something else that is more useful. I used it a lot as a Lt, but found myself wondering if I had better options.

I'm also not sure about Tyken's Rift - is it a useful skill? Or would I be better putting points into something else?

For ship equipment I'm planning to put a phaser cannon and torpedo launcher in the front, torpedo in the rear, and I'm not sure about the 2nd rear slot. I was thinking of a mine launcher just for kicks (does these actually work well?)


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