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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for extended maintenance to apply a new update.

On Saturday, 2/18, we had to put a build on Tribble that was from a different timeline. (Spooky Section 31 stuff.) If your character had logged into the build from the previous timeline, it got stuck loading, forever. Stuck in a time warp, even.

If you are stuck loading indefinitely, delete your character and re-copy it from Holodeck, or create a new character.

  • Updated Cage of Fire so the nav beacon is no longer inside the planet.
  • The DS9 Bundle text has been updated to use the correct name for the Deep Space Nine Admiral Uniform.
  • The Duty Officer assignment chain UI has been updated.
  • Resolved some minor text issues in Of Bajor.
  • The transwarp costs for Of Bajor has been updated to be 100 EC rather than 18000 EC.
  • Updated Starbase 39 to add more signs and adjust the lighting.

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