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Originally Posted by Rhodes85 View Post
and you actually believed that was all there was to it? take a look at the situation. take a look what happened when F2P hit and prior to it. take a look at how many people were angry with what happened. I don't buy the 'good intentions' bs for a second. there is no coincidence there at all and accusing people that see whats really going on there as being 'haters' doesn't make you look credible. this is the real world. take a look at the other things that went on while he was in charge. take a look at how he slipped back in. he knew what was coming and did that to try to cover himself and avoid taking the blame. sat it out somewhere else till he thought the heat died down and slipped back in. thats not a 'conspiracy theory' its called the real world. sometimes its not a nice place.
You know what else happens in the real world? In the real world, people will leave a job to be closer to ones they love. In the real world, people will go back to a company that knows them and their work if it turns out that other job was a hellhole. In the real world, coincidences happen, like, say, things at the old job go to hell while you're away. In the real world, sometimes things really are as simple as they appear.

But you're right, insomuch as sometimes the world isn't a nice place. Like when people start accusing you of being a coward, cutting and running when things look like they're going downhill, all because you came back to one job after the new one didn't work out.

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