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02-23-2012, 01:28 AM
I once accidentally flew a Cure Space Normal in my Connie (Lt. Commander Ship, tier 2) in a PuG. Was mounting the refitted Phaser batteries that you get from that mission where you meet Bones.

Anyways, it was fitted with a spare MACO XI set and tier XI equipment so it wasn't a crippling hindrance to the team. I figured that I should have enough DPS to at least kill the BoPs so i went roaming defense among the 3 cubes killing them. The team only noticed when I did the second circuit when the Odyssey that was guarding the Kang mentioned it.

Did well enough to kill the BoP before they made it to the Kang and was able to kill at least one of the Raptors from the left Cube that spawned when they blew the Right Cube, and tractor the other long enough for an escort to kill it.

Didn't think i was hurting the team, at least they didn't make any complaints about it.

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