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# 1 Cardassian Stryggle - Bug
02-23-2012, 10:42 AM
I am doing the Cardassian Struggle and on the last Mission 'Cage of Fire' I have to go to Bajor Mission log is 'Approaching Bajor' and it is telling me I have to 'Reach Nav Beacon' but as I have been told in my Fleet dew to the Featured Series 2800 they have updated Bajor's System and it seems to have broken this 'Approaching Bajor' of the 'Cage of Fire' Mission.

I did Report this bug within the game but it was at least 4 days ago. I am wanting to finish this Cardassian Struggle so I can do other ones. I do not want to skip this Mission as someone said I should, maybe I can 'Replay' it when it has been fixed.

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