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I need to submit a ticket to see if I can get any assistance with a Klingon character on my account.
However the only place I see for support takes me to Perfect World's site and asks me to log in with my Perfect World account that I don't have.
I use my Cryptic account and have no interest in setting up an additional account on Perfect World.

Is there anyway to communicate with Cryptic support? Does it exist anymore?
If not, can I get support from Perfect World then via my Cryptic account?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, your assistance is appreciated.
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02-23-2012, 12:00 PM
If you are a Cryptic Account user, please head over to the Cryptic Support Page for inquiries.

Welcome to Cryptic Support! To get assistance with a Cryptic game, please choose a game from the selection below. After choosing your game, you will find information regarding frequently encountered issues. If you are unable to find a solution to your question, you can click on the "Get Help" tab for further assistance.

There, if anyone else is as blind as I can be sometimes.. here's your answer! ^
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02-23-2012, 12:42 PM
Eventually, though, the support systems will be completely merged (has been stated by several admins) and a PWE account will likely be required for support. It IS, after all, a PWE game now. Pretending that it isn't because you refuse to create a PWE account is kinda folly.

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