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# 1 Varanus STF/PvE build.
02-20-2012, 03:46 PM
So I bought this baby along with all the previous Gorn ships and its godly I must say.

Sadly I've only been playing this game for about a month and a half or so. So got my fed to level 50 and my Gorn engi to a level 46. Anyway back to the real reason im here.

So 'Im looking for a good PvE build were I can support but also hold my own if my fleets not on and I have to deal with absolute **** teams. I only really run my Varanus when I'm playing with my buddies but might as well share the skills it has.

Currently I'm running a mixture of polaron, disruptors, and phaser, PA, DBB, along with a mk11 borg quantum torp. Pretty terribad setup but I'm grinding those STFs like a bat out of hell.

I've been doing a mixture of bridge officer skills and so far not very happy with them. Not to mention some of the skills seem todo very little. Like hazard emitters never notice much difference when I use that.

Id like some help to build a setup that will do well I know a lot of people say "anything works in PvE." Well doesn't seem to be the case in elite STFs.

So please help a noob who thought he knew what he was doing till he got his butt kicked in ker'ret space for 6 hours last night.

Also have plasmonic leech console and can purchase other ships from C-store to just get the consoles.

Sorry for constant rambling just don't know where to get started.

Thank you for your time!
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# 2
02-20-2012, 03:55 PM
First things first: Pick an energy type, and make ALL of your weapons that type (Phaser, disruptor, etc). Get the associated tactical +energy damage console that goes with them. Buy them all off of the exchange, or wherever else you can get them (Crafted, friends, etc).

I would recommend either all cannons/turrets, or all beams (With one torpedo in the front), and the associated BOFF powers that manipulate them ( Scatter/Rapid for cannons, Overload/Fire At Will for beams, plus high yield, or torpedo spread for the torp).
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# 3
02-20-2012, 04:44 PM
I will be getting all one weapon type soon along with the consoles to go with them. Just no cash for them currently. I was planning on doing beams seeing as DHCs are not mountable? Would 2 DBBs with a trico torp be sufficient? Or would it be worth it to pick up the raptor retrofit with the bio warhead to mount in the rear to have 3 DBBs in front?
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# 4
02-21-2012, 04:05 AM
I use the Bio-Neural Warhead on ALL of my Klingon ships. It is very much worth the purchase.

As for DBBs as opposed to standard arrays, you have to look at your playstyle. Do you sit in one spot and fire? Or do you constantly move? If you move a lot, you might consider the wider arcs. If you sit, DBBs would be better. Either way, buy the warhead, if you have the ability.
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# 5
02-21-2012, 07:39 PM
I have a Varanus and love it, though I keep glancing at some of the higher DPS ships (given what a crap shot STF PUGs can be).

I tried Klingon Honor Guard set and a heavy torp build... and hated every variation I came up with.

Nowadays I run all beam arrays, phasers, and am much happier. I can't get all my stats since the server is down, but:
Borg console, Borg Engine, Omega Deflector, Omega Shield. (This gives me Tetryon Glider plus the hull regen proc). If I needed more toughness, I'd probably switch to Klingon Honor Guard Shield and then borg set.

I have the other Gorn ships, but I don't usually bother equipping the barrier shield. It isn't useful often enough. (I wouldn't bother buying the Phalanx, in hindsight)
The Draguas' Aceton Assimilator is nice. You can have two out at a time, and placing them in strategic points in STFs can be pretty useful -- in addition to power drain, they also do a small amount of damage to multiple targets over time. And if they manage to draw aggro, enemies shooting at an assimilator then take even more damage.

My BOFF skills include tractor beam (which does kinetic damage!), gravity well (which does damage plus the slow-down). Also, hazard emitters and science team can be used on allies (healing!), polarize hull to get out of tractors. For tac skills I usually go with fire at will and beam overload -- with only one LtC tac seat, you can't do much.

Finally, power levels-- I used to max out aux, but I'm finding, in STF PUGs, that I'm better off maximizing weapon power, making sure my defense total hovers around 50, and then everything else into aux. Aux is usually close to max.
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# 6
02-21-2012, 08:20 PM
For STFs I would go with a gravity well 3, a tractor beam and a tractor beam repulser. In a Sci ship you want to be able to handle the nanite probes and spheres. I'd say beam arrays and trops for weapons.

Transfer shields and Hazard emitter are good choices for Sci heals. And you can give both to teammates if needed. A Polarize hull and a Tac team would be good for dealing with the borg tractor beams and there assimilate ship.

Something like this might work,

Tractor beam 1, Tractor beam repulser 1, Hazard emitter 3, Gravity well 3
Polarize hull 1, Transfer shields 2

Power to shields 1, Aux to SIF 1
Power to shields 1

Tac team 1, High yield 2...Or Tac team 1, Fire at will 2

You could also drop the Repulser 1 and go with Hazard 2 and then drop hazard 3 for a photonic shockwave 1. I always like 100 to weapons and 50 to Aux. But whatever setting works for you.
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# 7
02-21-2012, 09:04 PM
well the first thing to think of is what would be the optimal role for this ship? it is a support vessel is it not?
i myself just went back to this ship from the usual carrier but this time i concentrated not on pure dps and science abilities but on the healing properties of this ship. stf/pve/pvp i think it works well all across the board. in pvp i have noticed this ship usually gets left alone for others to concentrate on smaller ships. so i usually have no problem getting in the heat of battle and offer up some bit of eject plasma and heal the escorts to almost brand new. the sci powers work well in support to help your team stay alive and of course your weapon loadout of science abilities helps in the slaughter. if i am teamed i usually can stay alive until they grow tired of firing on this boat and not getting anywhere then resume healing. offensively i switched from disruptor to polaron just to see if my weapons get boffed less and i am toying with various torpedo loadouts. think healer. my dps might be the lowest in the matcg but always my healing is through the roof every time.
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# 8
02-21-2012, 10:22 PM
Pretty much theres 3 ways you can take this ship that work well for it. First is Support as in heals/survival for your team, the second is mostly crowd control for tieing up enemies until your team can assist, and third is an ultimate energy stealer. The way cryptic has changed the ship for the better you can divert more into offense if needed with the energy stealing because of the healing drones so you don't have to go so heavy on survival. What I would personally recommend though for beginner in this ship is run a mix of crowd control such as gravity wells and tractor repulsors and heals. Most players myself included are not going to go que an stf and hope there is going to be someone to heal me so I go in with as much offense as I can but not neglecting survival. Just a side note for the end here but most support heavy setups are not really good in stfs because they are a timed dps race and theres no other way around that because thats what they are. That being said you more than likely when deciding on what you want to run be wary of that if you do run stfs since everyone needs to carry their own weight but the varanus and the vo'quv are the hero's of the stfs when you have a decent energy stealing setup saves a lot of time for the team.
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# 9
02-23-2012, 12:56 PM
I think I will go with building a support Varanus who would of thought heh. Its pretty funny I never thought hazard emitters did anything. Just finally reliazed you can target another player and heal them (yay newb).

I like how Koopa27 setup is but maybe dropping the tractor beam rep and putting in a energy siphon? As it is with the nanite probes the GW keeps them long enough for me to take either 2 probes out or allow help to come deal with a sphere. I know ES1 isn't amazing but sometimes gives that nasty edge to a GW2. I do run the plasmonic leech console but the more energy the better from what I've seen. With my current setup and skills if I use ES1 I have 125/125/90/125. That puts out some nasty power from my testing so far. Do you guys see has having that much power at waste?

I think TT1 and FW2 will do nicely with 2 DBB 3 arrays and a bio neural warhead? I do "sit" and try to keep the front to the enemy. Played a Dreadnought for to long haha.

So for STFs it sounds like this ship is mostly mean't to occupy the ships sweet time? I did a couple STFs with stock weapons (sorry everybody who was stuck with my horrid dps). I didn't do to bad. Kept the Kang at above 90% the support platform doesn't heal it anymore sadly. Hmmm so the Varanus is more of a PvP boat then anything else.

Thank you for all your responses everyone!

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