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# 1 The Cure Space Cooldown
02-23-2012, 01:28 PM
I feel that the cooldown for when the Cure Space is failed, especially on Elite, is a bit unfair. I've played this mission many times on Elite and always tell the team the strategy that I've learned. Two people defend the Kang, everyone else destroys the probes. Leave the Cubes until the end and destroy them roughly at the same time. Always heal the Kang if necessary.

Unfortunately there are those who do not speak English and don't understand, those who believe they know a better way and/or refuse to work with the team, and those who just don't pay attention to team chat. Due to those reasons, and probably more, I've ended up failing the mission the majority of the time.

I can deal with failing the mission and people not following the strategy for whatever reason; however I think it is a bit unfair to have that one hour cooldown after spending 2 minutes in the STF and then failing it. (Yes sadly I was a part of a random queue team that failed the mission within 2 minutes).

I propose the following solutions for any STFs (now or in the future) that have a fail condition and the team does fail it:
  1. Have a 30 minute cooldown
  2. Have a cooldown that somehow relates to the time spent in the STF. For example, twice the amount of time but no longer than 60 minutes.
  3. Not have a cooldown

Those are only for failing an STF, not for any other condition.

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