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02-23-2012, 01:55 PM
I would like a slightly bigger challenge mode for the stf's.

A "one attempt per day" non-queued (bring your own group) HARDCORE version of the stf's, which are elite mode with the following modifications:

1. Optional is now mandatory. Fail the optional fail the mission.
2. Re-spawn disabled.
3. Crew revive disabled. Crew healing at half speed 0 crew = death(for the space STF's). Resuscitate disabled on ground stf's.
4. Fleet Support disabled.

There should be a small increase in the reward for completing the STF's with this mode, maybe a slightly increased drop rate of the top tier rewards, and an achievement for completing them all that maybe includes a title, or a uniform badge or sash that cannot be gotten elsewhere.

Not really asking for anything huge on the rewards, just something a little cool to show off completing something insanely hard.

I am just bored on the elites, know a few good players and want to have something worth working on. Easy way to make the existing content a bit more interesting.

Can these be done this way? Probably. Wont be easy but it should be possible. Would add some excitement trying.

Anyone think of any other mods that should be added to the missions for this mode, or am I completely nuts.

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