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# 1 Time to Surface
02-23-2012, 09:27 PM
I am very frustrated right now with this game.

I generally love it and find it quite enjoyable.

That said, the maps/scanner/tricorder system is completely broken and must be overhauled.

On more than one occasion, what should be a simple mission has turned into a nightmare of hide and seek because the maps are nearly functionless and there is no way to find anything without directly looking at it by visual contact.

I have been trying to play the fluidic space mission segment, 'Time to surface', In the course of protecting the ship in fluidic space, I lost sight of it while defeating the Undine. I have not been able to find the ship I was to escort out. I have flown back and forth through fluidic space, methodically looking for it to no end.

I should not have to try this. The damned thing should be on my map and labeled. At the very least my scanner should indicate a direction.

I have gotten to the point to where my respawn wont event let me have direct visual contact.

The map system needs to be fixed right away. It is easily the worst part of the game. I should be able to find things with all of the 25th century technology at my disposal.

Please move this serious error up to a significant priority.
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# 2
02-23-2012, 09:38 PM
The scanner functionality is game-wide, and it works ok in most other missions. A system-wide fix would be nice, but it'd have to be worth fiddling with the deeper code to help with one sort of scenario.

The mission isn't absolutely uncompletable, but I understand your frustration. The scanner system just doesn't work well enough under this specific situation. If I remember this mission, the objective on the minimap is actually the region the escorted craft moves through, but you have to be next to the actual craft, not just in the bubble.

A frustrating user-unfriendly situation to be sure, but I wouldn't expect a whole re-tooling of the scanner system. Maybe a dev will find a workaround, though. Perhaps all it needs is a little tweaking of the objectives.
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# 3
02-23-2012, 09:40 PM
Originally Posted by kimotokanon
I should be able to find things with all of the 25th century technology at my disposal.
You mean tech designed to work in "normal" space not fluidic space, right? =P

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