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02-23-2012, 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by VangarVega
I totally agree with that. The Fed/Kling war just makes no sense and even if we get an explanation that the UFPs president stole Khaless' candy, it still wouldn't make sense. The alpha-quadrant is at the edge of destruction and two former allies keep ****ing on each others leg because they are INFILTRATED AGAIN (!!!) by a foreign power messing with them to destabilize the quadrant. *They know that*. They dealt with that already. They still can't protect themselves, even if it was just the reintroduction of a simple blood-test?

Or alternatively because the Klingons went all "Klingons strong. Klingons smah. UGAAAH" (what's how the game portrayes the KDF btw.)

I'd like the Fed/Kling alliance reforged (they still have to team up constantly, don't they? ) or at least make it an uneasy peace but it just doesn't make sense. Give us Romulans and some competent allies as the other player faction and introduce some serious PvP system. Thats my opinion on that
the Klingons were quite willing to end themselves in DS9 by attacking DS9 during the Dominion war. Even Worf said that should the Klingons return to the old ways they will go to war with anyone and everyone. this war has all the justification it needs just through the fact that the Klingons are waging it, it was what they were born to do. They need breading room and there empire must expand or they will die as was mentioned in DS9.

What i would like to see is the war become what it is a full blown war. From the story line we are meant to be locked into this massive conflict with the Klingons but i cant see it and i cant really participate in it. The only thing that is going to make this war believable is territory control. Large fleet battles, large ground battles. The construction of fortresses on worlds in the neutral zone. it will require a lot of work from the Devs and a lot of time and love to get right. The reason behind the war isnt all that important Jim'pok is an old style leader and as such he is doing what Klingons do best wage war and conquer

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