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So I got someone from cryptic to respond to my ticket regarding not being able to sit at the conference table. A GM said I should now be able to click normally and sit at the table.

The 1st time I tried to goto the conference room, I got an error when the map loaded...."couldn't transfer character" and then the game logged me out.

Logged back another message asking me if I wanted to login as normal or safe....I chose safe and was able to get to the conference room, but was still unable to interact with the chairs (standing infront of each chair , double clicking ), cursor changes to gear icon and the only sound i hear when i click is as if you clicked something you can't interact with.

Quit / dropped the episode completely. Reduce the size of my character to 5'6", picked up mission as normal (4th time from scratch mind you) ....went to the turbolift to goto the conference was loading error "couldn't transfer character" and was logged out. Logged back in, another message asking me if I wanted to login as normal or safe...I chose normal, conference room map loaded, tried to sit...but still nothing. WTF.

I'm at the end of
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02-24-2012, 12:09 AM
Fixed it myself. Remapped my "G" key which is normally my "Interact" button to "Execute Action" . Walked right up to a chair and pressed "G" and my character sat down quickly and the story continued.

I however don't understand why everyone else is able to double or single click and I had to remap a key to a function that is normally blank on default.
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02-24-2012, 12:28 AM
I've never had a problem sitting in the conference room. I always double click a chair with no issue. But I did run into the "Couldn't transfer character" error when I first tried to play Second Wave.

Like you say, the error kicks you to the login screen. I had to beam down to ds9 first in order to start the mission without that error. But when I finished it did not give me credit for completion.

At that point I went back to sector space and I had a prompt to continue second wave at the conference part. When I tried that I got "Couldn't transfer character" again. Very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!

I kept trying and eventually I beamed to the conference room and the cut scene where you sit down with everyone automatically started. So yeah, there is some wierdness going on with either the Second Wave mission or that conference room or both.

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