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02-24-2012, 09:39 AM
Originally Posted by Commander_Knuhteb
Now we find out who the real baddies are Shame on you all! And to think I thought you were all innocent KDF and StarFleet cadets at one point!
One of my characters is a temporal transplant from the TOS era. You're damn straight she'd user her old-style phaser to ZOT Drake as a threat to the Federation, and it might not even be set to 'stun,' either! The rest are modern Feds; they might be disgusted but probably wouldn't shoot him; my Tac/MACO would probably clobber him, though.

My Klinks would of course see him as an even more dishonorable enemy than the weak Federation pacifists -- at least said weak fed pacifists will put up a fight if you poke them enough times. Frankie Drake is the embodiment of dishonorable conduct and deserves nothing but scorn, a quick honorless death, and his name forgotten.

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