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Ok, this build worked for season 1, but I've found since I logged in last that my galaxy has gone from being able to tank and blow the **** outta enemies, to being unable to even stand up to a single escort.

I've been refitting the ship and trying to figure out the best equipment and skills available these days, my current setup is.

Beam Overload I
High Yield II

2x Engineering Team I
1x Emergency to Shields I
1x Emergency to Shields II
1xEngineering Team II
1xAceton Field
1xExtend Shields
1xReverse Shield Polarity (or whatever it is... the "recharge shields when hit by beams" one)

1x Jam Sensors
1x Science Team II

2x Dual Beam Bank MK X (Very Rare)
4x Quantum Torpedo Launcher MK X (Very Rate)
2x Beam Array MK X (Very Rare)

Reman Prototype


Impulse Engines:
Efficient MK XI (used to have MK IV at Season 1... defintely not as powerful anymore)

Eng Console:
RCS Accelerator MK XI
2x EPS Relay MK XI (Rare, 70% recharge rate)
(I have one other, can't remember what it was off the top of my head)

Sci Console:
Assimilated Console
Saucer Sep
Biofunction Monitor MK XI Rare

Tactical Console:
2x Phaser Relay MK XII Rare

MY original role with the Gal was support, she'd sit bank heal, and lob weapons fire off at enemies to distract them during escort flyovers. It worked great, but now she can barely hold her on, let alone assist anyone else.

Any recommendations would be appreciated (I dont have the cash to get a Defiant refit and I dont want the Prometheus). I've also not been able to get a good STF team together so Omega, MACO and the like are probably a long way off, best I can get is AEGIS and I have max crafting abilities at MA for those very rare kits too.

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