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02-25-2012, 12:11 AM
So far I'm really liking it. I just started a new character yesterday and that starter ship was ****ing me off. I don't remember the starter ship sucking so bad with my main character, but I said the hell with it and bought the Yellowstone and have been using that for the missions/starbase 24. I gotta say this little thing plays different than my Danube on my main and it just looks badass. The engine venting buff could use a better dispersal area, but overall not bad. The one big disappointment with it is it really needs it's own beefed up shields. I can take out battle cruisers okay, but with only 1 bridge officer slot (so nice it's a universal) and no aft weapon it just needs that little more protection to it.
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02-25-2012, 12:22 AM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron
[...]Not I want the Odyssey to be a M/VAE but at least allow the player to pick what he wants to use if he decides to use one part, you cannot say the M/VAE Multi-Vector Assault Module is sacred and then say Saucer Separation is not and added it to the already powerful Dreadnaught and barely any cost.
I wasn't really aiming for MVAE functionality when I said I wanted the ship to be playable.

Here's what I hope for:

The Odyssey-class variant gets saucer separation and the deploy combat pet options. According to Al Rivera, only one would be useable at a time to not overshadow the Prometheus MVAE - which is fine. We'd either choose to lose the saucer and gain turn rate and some support firepower; or choose to deploy the combat pet and gain a lot more support firepower.

But, what I'm hoping for is that the Sacagewea/Odyssey Aux ship be playable for itself. Like, you go to your ship interior, run over to the transporter NPC that allows you to switch ships and see your Sacagewea available to be picked (can be switched to like a shuttle, but won't be viable for actual shuttle missions, maybe). Then you can pretty much switch from a Star Cruiser to a small escort at will, playing one or the other depending on the playstyle you'd prefer.

Heck, you could choose to play the Sacagawea all the time if you prefer escort play. Hence, the Odyssey-class in her entirety would pretty much cater to all three professions (science and engineering with the cruiser itself, tactical with the aux craft).

I can say that I, for one, was never a huge fan of DS9 - and that stigma extended to the Defiant. But I love what CapnLogan has done to the Sacagawea and would love to play her whenever I felt more for playing in blistering dogfights rather than the tallship gameplay provided by the Odyssey.

That way I would have my Yellowstone Runabout for shuttle missions, by Sacagawea for DPS play, and my Odyssey for tank/team support play and they'd all go well together.

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