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# 1 M.A.C.O. Set
02-24-2012, 09:30 PM
I was saving up my EDC for the MACO set to put on my cruiser, but I heard the nerfed the Heavy Graviton Beam. Is there any truth to this and/or should it spend my EDC on something else?
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02-25-2012, 01:01 AM
nerfed ? fixed ? lets say the grav beam in borg stf is now no more than a nice graphic. It does little to no damage and has a cool down time of 3 mins.

Hopefully it is not perm but it certainly took the fun out of Khitomer Accord and Cure

I heard the next update is so that weapon damage just passes straight through the shields as if it weren't even equipped to the ship and it takes a trillion runs of grinding to purchase one recruit item and the drop rate for mk xii will go from 0.01 % to 0.001%.

Unhappy about the promise of the set, and how it seems to be slowly being killed off.

What harm did having the grav beam disable transformers and probes actually do, did it harm the drop rate of tech gear, no because the drop rate is near dam impossible and is random probability and shear luck. What was the benefit of this trick it allowed the optional to be gained,so a extra reward which is a lotto and grab between 5 players where there is no guarantee if hitting greed or need on all items that you'd walk away with a single item so no real benefit to the player.

Only downside to it was the chance having the hardcore players who liked challenges complaining about it being too easy. but i haven't heard anyone complain about that.

Cryptic need to decide is this item going to be the current end game item and players want to grind to obtain a set that is worthy of it or do they want to **** of end gamers who won't see the set any better than Aegis, Borg and Breen and maybe stop playing.

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