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Well - looks like BattleStar Galatica Online ( BSG ) is a Open PvP Hit. ( both sides have 3 systems that r NOT PvP for learning the game). The other 100 systems - its Game ON baby. Not to mention the graphic look a bit better too.

They have various versions of the following:
Strike Craft ( vipers and raiders )
Line Ships ( like Battleships )

STO needed Open PvP from the beginning. ( If you remember - the ORIGINAL developers wanted to add it in )

Only thing missing in BSG is developed missions. Ill give STO that - good quests/missions which still feel
like a single player game.

Take a look at BSG and you see how they got PvP to work.

come on STO get with the program. Open this game up to a Real war like in BSG - trust me - it works.
In BSG when i see them coming and i feel the odds r not in my favor - i FTL ( warp ) out.

Other times i goto Cylon space to look for trouble. i kill a few yes, but in a matter of minutes, there buddies
show up and alot of times i dont make it out - but when i FTL just as a nuke is about to hit me - I FEEL THE RUSH of war. You get that "YES " feeling that i jumped out before that nuke could finish me off !!!

Most of you guys have no idea what your missing.

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