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# 1 LRSV-Retro Build Critique
02-25-2012, 03:14 PM
Here is what I am running right now. Im doing the 2800 missions at the moment as well as STF. This is a drain build aimed at disabling shields and providing consistent damage.

Id like some feedback on what I can change to get some more damage in there. I know Im not supposed to be a one man army, but I think I have too much defence. It takes a long time to kill stuff, and that is even when their shields are down half of the time due to the polaron, Tyken's and Shield targeting. I did the combat log parses in combat from STF. DPS was slightly over 2000 for both raw and net. I think Escorts get 4000+, and Cruisers maybe a little less?

Is what I have the best a science ship can achieve? Would I have to switch to Distruptors or Anti Proton and Tricobalt? What are some abilities I can swap to get faster kills? Thanks for the help!

USS Artemis
Intrepid class

Power: (MACO +2 included)
[97 / 75]
[56 / 25]
[51 / 25]
[105 / 75]

1x Polaron Beam Array
1x Polaron Cannon
1x Quantum Torpedo

3x Polaron Turret


[Subspace Field Modulator, Engine Battery, Shield Battery]


[M.A.C.O. Shields]
[Aegis Deflector]
[Aegis Engines]

[RCS, Assimilated, Neutronium]
[Flow Capacitor, Sensor Probes, Ablative, Field Generator]
[Polaron, Polaron]

DPS: 2 000
Defence: 62.7%
Hull: 35 000
Shields: 14 423

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