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# 1 Server Load Issues
02-25-2012, 01:21 PM
With the influx of many F2P players, I'm am wondering about the ability for the server to handle the load. Lately it has been almost unbearable to play STO, especially during the weekends. I have a top of the line rig, with best internet connection possible, yet lately the game has been unbearable to play.

Issues with rubber banding in the most simplistic of maps -

The loading from map to map, sector to sector, etc... has been an eternity -

The latency issues is just horrible -

I never had these issues in the past before F2P came out and/or the changes to the game. Today 2/25/2012 - has been the worst gaming experience to date.

At first I thought it was my rig and my internet connection - I checked, double checked - played TOR, WOW, EVE, RIFT and several other online games - no issues whatsoever.

I am concern that the server is not able to handle all this load - I may be wrong and this is just Freaky Saturday - but I'm hoping these issues can get resolved. Its has got so bad, that I dread playing on weekends now.

If you have watched the latest series of Jupiter STOKED there were a few comments regarding server issues - comments such as "We were praying the server doesn't crash"

This raises some concerns
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# 2
02-25-2012, 01:43 PM
I'm assuming Cryptic is waiting to see where the ebb & flow of FTP ends up before committing to buying new Servers. Within the first couple of months (about 2 more weeks) almost everyone should be a level cap and Cryptic will have a better idea as to how many will be leaving or playing somewhat regularly. Server needs will be based off of the average rather then the huge launch influx.
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# 3
02-25-2012, 02:43 PM
other than when its about to crash i donts seem to experience too many problems, it can get a bit painful using the exchange and mail and things but the game seems to hold up for me. today went very smoothly. even last week was not too bad.

it will often be different for different people, depending on locations and where you are on cryptic database. its possible for one person to be having all kinds of problems and another to be more or less ok.

the launch of f2p will be the busiest and it will slow down a bit from here on as many of the new players will just move on to new games. it will always get busy around FE but a lot of the problems can be solved by tweaking what they already have. sometimes its just about gathering data and making adjustments. i think the problems will get better over time.
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# 4
02-25-2012, 03:33 PM
Only problems I've noticed is the loading times between scene switches, it usually gets stuck at the 94%ish mark and stays there for what seems like an eternity

Longest time was tonight, took about 3 minutes before it finally kicked in (Earth star base)

Tell a lie, I have noticed something odd, weapons on my ship seem to lag quite a bit

I'll be firing at something, I hit a special attack (Cannon rapid fire, or attack patterns etc) and there's a 2-3 second delay before they fire again? Not sure if that's lag, or normal heh
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# 5
02-25-2012, 06:45 PM
The game used to run smoothly here but I have troubles too : server not responding messages, rubberbanding etc. It doesn't last long usually, maybe 5 or 10 mn, which is more than enough to ruin an STF but well ... My connection seems fine in other games so I suspect the problem is not on my end. I hope things will improve because it can be very annoying.
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# 6
02-26-2012, 05:44 AM
Same here used to run great but the last few days just rubber banding and keep getting disconnected

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