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Originally Posted by Direphoenix View Post
I know if I had an enormously massive and obvious important military target floating over my planet I would definitely NOT want it positioned over any type of populated landmass. If it's going to be in geosynchronous orbit, I'd put it over the Pacific, so when some nefarious no-gooder decides to take out SB-1, the majority of the pieces fall into the ocean instead of wiping out the surface. I would guess, however, that it's placed over the Atlantic though, which I guess is unfortunate for whoever is living in that "Atlantis Project" thing, waiting for that giant space station to fall on top of them
I agree... The Pacific was my first choice too, but in terms of traveltime from Paris and SFC vs. most possible defensive coverage that makes very little sense.

UFP leadership is more important than SFC leadership seen from a military aspect, as SFC would technically as long as starfleet exists have successors for command positions (due to the chain of command), but UFP is not only leadership of earth, but the entire federation.
Since the federation is a democracy with a voting system (DS9:Homfront, the president mentions that he was elected into office), it would be significantly harder to replace an entire goverment.

Thats why my bet is on the Atlantic.


Actually come to think of it: Placing it over the atlantic / pacific also explains why we have never been able to see ESD in any of the ground shots from earth...
1: Not really that big
2: Not orbiting any of the locations.

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